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  • ddaawwgg72 ddaawwgg72 Apr 7, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Get off our board

    I'm getting real sick of people constantly bashing this stock. this board is meant to serve as a medium for intellegent discussion about the stock and its company.

    If you sold your stock, good for you. You now have no stake in this company and should get out of here. I honestly don't care what opinion some random joe schmo has about what i should do with my money.

    I know some of you are just trying to induce fear and lower the price so that you can hop on. well, i got news for you. You are posting on a yahoo message board. No one of significance (stock price wise, no offence to fellow investors) reads this board. You are metaphorically trying to bring down the government by attacking a single mailman. you efforts are pointless and stupid.

    now that that is said, can we please have a meaningful discussion about this company, it's technologies, and the sector in general?

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