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  • a_merican2 a_merican2 Jun 10, 2013 9:54 PM Flag


    3 D printing in medical applications must require trials. This is so developmental, trials seem to be years away. Good luck though

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    • You are cluttering the euphoria of emotion with facts and logic...tsk tsk tsk. Shame on you for pricking the balloons of those who see millions at the end of their beds each night in a recurring dream

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      • We know that this is developmental, and we know that we are here for the long term. The company went public less than 2 years ago. It is literally in it's infancy stages. He asked a question and we answered it. Yes it WILL be years before the can put a printed organ inside a human being, but that's besides the point. ONVO as very real revenue sources NOW in the form of pharmaceutical testing. Not to mention the plan to announce an uplisting before the end of the month.

    • Trials will be necessary once human application is pursued. If that was the only stated goal, then your implication of extended delays for profitability is spot on.

      Luckily for ONVO, they have identified ways to reach profitability without the need for human applications. They are partnering with pharmacy companies and marketing their product as one that will save big pharma billions on developmental costs. Pharmaceutical companies can use any system they want to test their new drugs prior to seeking FDA approval. The FDA will want to see the data of course, but they don't regulate these research stages they way they do the later staged of the drug approval process.

      Pfizer needs approval before they can test a new drug on a group of humans, but they do not need permission to test their a new drug on a group of petri dishes - and it is the petri dishes that ONVO is selling!

      If big pharma agrees that these 3D bioprinted liver samples are a good investment (and at this point they seem to agree) then short term profitability will be reached through selling their product for research applications - i.e. the testing and development of new pharmaceuticals.

      If successful, this near term approach will allow for the company to be profitable while still pursuing the technological advances that will be need prior to pursuing human applications (this later step will require FDA involvement).

      You are correct to imply that profitability from human application is way off, but you are wrong to imply that all profitability is way off because strategic alliances with big pharma are already happening. No one should argue that profitability is happening tomorrow, but you are missing the larger picture when you imply that it is fully dependent on clinical trials. imho

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    • Just purchase as much as u can in the morning great position still this will be a long lifetime stock and position now.. is important and 4.09 or 4.90 it doesn't matter at this point ; ( when it will be 10 bucks at the end of summer )... a bigger crowd with a lot more money will be involved shortly, since all the requirements are met for the uplisting to the big boy pants exchange. American_2 forever..Indeed! Enjoy the ride.

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    • For putting orgns in people? Yes. For what the company wants to do in the meantime? No. on the contrary. they will be selling tissue and eventually organs to Major Pharmaceutical companies. This way the Pharma companies will be able to test their drugs on real human tissues/organs without the need for Human trials or FDA approval. This will literally save Big Pharma billions of dollars, and potentially slice the cost of healthcare as a whole.

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