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  • philipstekel philipstekel Jun 28, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    Why the stock price hasn't moved

    There is an old theory called: "volume precludes price". In other words, big volume UP implies something good and big volume DOWN implies something bad. Then there is this: little volume and little price movement. I hope everyone agrees that this has been the case with our stock for the past few weeks.

    You may recall my comments about the uplisting and what is called a "quiet period" where no one is going to say much until all of the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

    In the HUNCH is that what we are seeing is people growing impatient and SELLING their shares while there are others who are BUYING believing that this is a buying opportunity. In either case, we are talking about individual investors who are buying 1,2,5 or maybe 10K shares at a time.

    If you are LONG......remain PATIENT and tolerate the boredom. Big volume down would be caused by insiders and this is NOT happening. This is a GOOD thing.

    Insiders who are holding onto their positions won't add to it because they can't due to "quiet period" restrictions.

    I believe that the month of JULY is when you'll see the major move many of you are hopeful for. Let's just hope that SEEKING ALPHA (stinking alpo) doesn't jawbone the stock price down with one of their make believe writers.

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    • This may be one of the single most intelligent threads on Yahoo finance boards. Thanks to all for the rational discussions, questions, answers, etc. I don't post often, but I enjoy reading the opinions of others. I bought around $3.80 during the spring of 2012, just before the run up. Sold 1/5 around $9/share and then bought more in the $2-2.5 range. I (prematurely) sold a small portion around $4.10 when it popped over six in January. At this point I'll hold what I have (although I might sell part if it hits $10.) I'd love to get the rest of my initial investment out and then just let it ride. This stock intrigues me, and I hope it pays off for everyone here.

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      • Congrats on your wise decisions and timing!!! I am doing something similar to you in that I have some funds which are designed as a trade, some as long term and them there is the part where I make a mistake (and I have made some) and so when I profit, I add it to my long term position and keep enough to cover capital gains and taxes., and also to quote an old with the house's money.

        The key factor (and obviously you are aware of this) is not to become too greedy. As the old saying goes: "bulls and bears make money...........pigs get slaughtered".

        Best to you and your future investments............Philip

    • As usual Philip is dead on .. In 1986 when I was younger and much dumber ,I walked into one of three Home Depots in the country ....Thought it was a good deal ..and bought 2K shares @ 7 bucks a share with my total net worth of 14 K .. I made a profit of 12 K selling at 13 six months later ,, Bottom line is my original investment would be worth about 2.5 million today ....Patience pays sometimes ,,,

    • A couple of other comments: The announcement of an uplisting will not be a big deal. Probably a short term "pop" in the stock price. What will move the stock price BIGTIME will be the following:
      Alliances with big pharma,
      breakthroughs in technology within the industry,
      and THIS IS IMPORTANT....a limited amount of FLOAT meaning the number of shares available to be purchased.

      Think of it as supply and demand. People will pay any price for something that is hard to get. The board at organovo KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. After all, they are investors in the company and they want to make money too.

      They are not selling and are patient. That should be a cue for those of us to do the same.

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      • Greetings Philipstekel & e7navy1999.... great posts! Been following this board since Jan. 2013. Nice to see intelligent conversation regarding this stock. Currently holding 40,000 shares. IMO... awesome technology, a gamechanger for big pharma. Question becomes, how does ONVO board manage after uplist. From a product standpoint to generate revenue: options are 1. sell bio-printers to hospitals/clinics/labs. (think Davinci robot). 2. Provide tissue samples for research to big pharma (huge do you produce samples @ what cost). Production of replacement organs is not a consideration at this time... 10 years future at best. I see big pharma making an effort to buy, but ONVO board/management might not be greedy. Definitely long thru uplisting... then its decision time! Any further thoughts?

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      • Philips is right on. I foresee Big Pharma buying ONVO out as soon as or before their first big discovery is issued. Once ONVO begins to produce a profit the stock will sore at an exponential pace and price out many Pharma buy outs. We will see triple digit returns in days after an announcement of a discovery. ONVO is chump change right now to big pharma and they will want in cheap

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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