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  • nova46162 nova46162 Jul 13, 2013 10:47 PM Flag

    ONVO lost $22M and only has $14M in cash. Dilution coming.

    They will sell more shares now at a steep discount to raise cash.

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    • johnnykita1 Jul 14, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

      I really do want to get on this ONVO train. Missed out on big bucks since last week already would have been up 50%. But have too many objections still. Will probably miss out on more and become the posterchild for missed opportunities. But how can you compare this company to xone ddd or ssys. They only have like 3-5 printers or something. While other researchers have used a regular inkjet printer (believe it or not) to create a fully functional bio printed bladder! What makes onvo so special aside from all the hype? Last year around this time their stock went from $11 to $2 in a blink of an eye. #$%$?

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      • ONVO has the patents and the only bio printer on the market. The tech that the scientists used to create the first printed cells is Organovos patent.

        You cant compare this to the other 3D printer stocks because ONVO is one of a kind. They others compete with each other, ONVO has no major competition yet and might not see any depending on how secure their patents are.

        Heres a timeline from their site


        A timeline of the signficant events in our company's history, from the initial research on which our company was founded to the present day.

        2003 Ink-jet Printing of Viable Cells patented by Dr. Thomas Boland at Clemson University

        2004–2005 Organ Printing work begun at University of Missouri–Columbia. $5M National Science Foundation Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (FIBR) grant awarded to multi-institution team led by Prof. Gabor Forgacs of the University of Missouri–Columbia. First patent application for NovoGen™ bioprinting platform filed, Self-Assembling Cell-Aggregates and Methods of Making the Same, by Forgacs, Mironov, Jakab, Neagu.

        2005–2006 Organovo founding team discusses formation of company around Forgacs organ printing technology, visits Forgacs labs in Columbia, Missouri

        April 2007 Organovo, Inc. formally incorporated in Delaware, with the intent to license the Forgacs patent suite and launch a 3D bioprinting company

        August 2007 Keith Murphy leaves Amgen, Inc. to begin role as full-time CEO of Organovo, Inc.

        July 2008 Organovo, Inc. begins raising startup funds, leading to an eventual $3M in angel financing

        November 2008 First full-time employee of Organovo, Inc. is hired

        January 2009 Organovo opens laboratory in San Diego, CA

        September 2009 Organovo and Invetech complete work on “Project Leeloo,” delivery of the NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™

        August 2009 Organovo awarded first NIH grant, for creation of bioprinted blood vessels

        December 2010 Organovo describes work on its fully cellular blood

    • There is a reason accountants make bad stock pickers ,, They are very good at telling where you should have invested last year ... but not so good at projecting future earnings ....In the Popular Science article ,they point out that ONVO is in a potential blockbuster field because within a year they could start selling their liver tissue ..and toxicology for testing new drugs ... Potentially a 39 billion dollar industry ...and that is not a long term deal .. it could be within a year .. ONVO is not an Earnings story .... its a POTENTIAL earnings story

    • "The downside is that this is a development-stage company. We're talking about just $0.2 million in revenue in its most recent quarter, and half of that amount came in the form of grant revenue...."

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    • avelena.john Jul 14, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

      There is a shareholders vote coming up in August to issue 5 ml. more shares. How much does this amount effect the current shares being sold? They very much need money to succeed so I will, for the best of all concerned, vote yes. But that will not be enough for their needs. I want this business to succeed big time! And I have faith that now, being with NYSE, Organovo Will indeed succeed. It will take faith for the stockholders to keep up the support.

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    • No, actually its the opposite. They are on a more respectable exchange which opens the doors to better terms for their future financing.

      Lets also not forget that the share price is increasing and by the time they need more cash we should be $10++, resulting in much less dilution for the same amount of money raised. Then theres also the very strong possibility of more grants to fund their development, along with liver cell revenues due to begin heading into 2014.

      Even with double the O/S there is major upside from these levels. Funds will start buying now, just like they did on XONE, SSYS and DDD. They could not buy this when it was on the OTC, now its open season. Get em while their cheap.

    • they had to meet the rigorous requirements to get listed on the NYSE, thats why the move from the OTC was a huge catalyst.

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