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  • twojugglers twojugglers Oct 4, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

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    Well, I bought some shares of a stock I first researched 6 months ago. At that time it was selling for 2 cents a share. Today I paid 10 cents a share for it. Anyone else here in Sigma Labs?


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    • Me. (200,000 shares) But I have to pay high trading fees for stocks under 2.00, so it is costly. Still, I am up $5400.00 on this. I'll hold it long term, because i'm hoping someday it will reverse split and I can avoid broker fees. But if Henrymorgan says be careful, you know I will! Batman,....

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    • SGLB happens to be a stock I have been tracking also but have not purchased. Haven't really done much DD on it either. However, I would be very cautious at this time because I see a pattern that I call the "Batman" pattern. I know this is stupid but I have seen it numerous times before. To see what I am referring to just look at SLGB on Yahoo Finance three month chart. The trace is currently headed up the second ear of Batman's head and will then crash. Not guaranteed but most likely. This very same pattern occurred with ONVO when it was at $10 except it never developed the second ear which I foolishly waited for and thus lost out at the pick. Honest, I did see it back then. Anyway, just be careful if you plan to buy more.

    • Juggsy, Yahoos confusing me right now. is there a way to send you a private messege? Thanks

    • Juggsy, I have 50K shares at 0.085 since early Sep. It has shown amazing strength just above this level. I had sold off all of my 0.055 holdings during the dive (en route to 0.04 in Jul) and am annoyed that I shorted - got caught off guard by the amount of profit-taking (actually more annoyed I didn't buy back at that level!). Anyway, it is a penny stock that holds significant promise. As an aside, a stock that I really like and don't own enough of is PRCP. I initially got in at 7.55, then more at 10.40, and added more this past week at 12.19. For whatever reason, it seems to be off people's radar though vol has picked up as of late. Have a look - it has shown some nice strength (and I believe it is is still undervalued) despite the hell that we are facing with our govt shenanigans. Ultimately, ONVO is the first stock I ever purchased and the best company I own as it marries both humanistic and money-making prospects. All the best to you.

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      • Thanks JJ. I'll check out PRCP. That's one that I don't know. I've just listened to the June Sigma Lab RetailInvestorConference presentation. Its very informative but certainly lacks the polish that Keith Murphy brings to his presentations. The SGLB chart bears some similarity to ONVO's , except that, Year To Date performance of SGLB is about 600% whereas ONVO's is just over 100%.

        Enjoy the weekend. Juggsy

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    • I too am in Sigma (3000 shares at dime) , ONVO (3,000 shares at $6.80) and Arcam (60 shares at $108) and I am not concerned with any of my price points as I believe in the technology that each Company represents, I am Long on all of them and think in 3 years I will have a huge smile on face and send Gary a bottle of champagne for introducing me to Sigma and Arcam. My next trigger is on Inovio (INO), not 3D but I am in Pharma industry and this company has lots of buzz but a bit of a troubled past so just not sure at this point. Good luck to all, I am going to pick up another 10,000 Sigma shares Monday as I have some dividend money coming in to reinvest.

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    • #$%$ got to be quiet this from 0.42...GLTA!

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    • Hello juggsy. I own some sglb as weel. I gought at average 5 cents. I believe both sglb and onvo have great prospects in 2/3 years time. Inow believe sglb will reach its summit slightly before onvo but both are in a niche market, health (onvo) and metal (sglb) 3 d print related. Lets keep our fingers crossed it was gary anderson who aleterd me on sglb, cant afford aecam any longer and hope sglb shows to be a great runner-up

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