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  • unemon1 unemon1 Oct 19, 2013 7:08 AM Flag

    Chairman ... MURPHY Sells 100,000 shares

    10/16/13-10/18/13 Sale ... per 10B5-1 Plan ... not bullish!

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    • Ask the buyers of his stock if they're bullish or bearish.

    • Chairman....murphy has 6.4m shares how many do you have dumb bitzch!!! #$%$ stay off my board

    • Good Morning unemon....Go to ONVO's quote page and on the left, you'll see along with the message board link etc. where it says: PROFILE. Click on it and on the right side of the page at the top, is Mr. Murphy's salary (82.0K or $82,000). The amount he gets for an 18 hour day is chump change. The other officers make even less than that.

      I live in Southern California and the cost of living is quite high. I'll admit that someone's immediate reaction would be one of alarm and surprise seeing the CEO of a company selling shares. But if you see it from my point of view (which I hope you will), this is a non event.

      What would concern me? Seeing HUGE blocks of stock from several board members 500,000-1,000,000 shares selling. within a few weeks of each other. Not bullish..........perhaps in the short term. This would imply (at least to me) no major announcements that would cause a spike in the stock price. Otherwise, he wouldn't be selling unless these are warrants (which they're not because warrants have a time consideration to them).

      But bearish?............DEFINITELY NOT

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      • Things I see are Mr. Murphy has been at this since 2007 and has brought this company to where it is today. A CEO that has met 2 of the 4 board established milestones, uplisting to a major exchange and securing financing so the products can be brought to commercialization. As a result, partial vesting of the restricted stock units were sold as an award from the equity incentive agreement giving to him in 8/12. Further, as stated in the 8K explaining the 10b5-1 trading plans, his intended use of the proceeds were to make contributions to non-profit, charitable and public benefit corporations. Nefarious intentions no doubt.

        I would prefer that all management keep their stock reserved, but Mr. Murphy has proven himself a worthy leader of this outstanding company and steward of my investment. I hope the money he has deservedly earned meets his needs. I agree with Phillip, So Cal is an expensive place to park yourself and this was a known non-material event. Good luck in all your choices.

      • who cares? I owned GOOG at 200 and Sergy and Bryn were selling like crazy back then. Did you see GOOG yesterday? Jees

    • Not bullish, but the guy still has 6.3-6.4 mil plus the ability to own up to 6.7mil. No worries. Nothing wrong with a little profit taking.

      My guess is that he is going to execute his 30k warrants soon (he sold a lot of 30k shares). Plus wanted to take a well deserved vacation.

      Sentiment: Buy

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