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  • bobby_boucher_wny bobby_boucher_wny Oct 24, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    It sickens me...


    That I sold 7,000 shares last Friday @$6.42. I bought 4 times since 7/18 to get my average cost down. Did everything right. I believed in the company but the stock wasn't going anywhere for months. So I decided to get out.
    I had an average cost of 6.08 and I even made $2,300!!
    But now it makes me wanna puke that I left over $8,000 on the table.

    Someone else please tell me a sadder story. Misery loves company.

    Bobby Booshay

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    • I'll throw in my 2 cents and admit I've done the same thing too. But on the other hand, I sold some stocks at a loss and then they continued to fall further.

      A friendly bit of advice from someone who has been in your situation: If you know your market psychological makeup and are honest with yourself, buy 50% to trade and 50% to hold for the long term. Of course, you can adjust the percentages based on your risk tolerance. This assumes you have enough capital to work with, which it looks like you do.

      This way you get the best of both worlds. Just a thought..........have a great weekend..........P

    • I have sold many a winner way too soon:

      In Disney @ $28 sold @ $35 (trades around $70 today)

      In Pfizer @ $14 sold @ $22 (trades around $30 today)

      In IMAX @ $7 sold @20 (trades around $28 today)

      In HAS @26 sold @ $30 (trades around $50 today)

      In CNK @ $14 sold @ $18 (trades around $33 today)

      There are others but these are the ones that hurt the most just by looking at their share prices today. Had I just sat on my hands I would have reaped massive profits. Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20. It's all a part of the game. As for ONVO, this one is tucked into my IRA for at least the next three years for better or worse.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • andmiles2gob4isleep Oct 25, 2013 2:43 AM Flag

      Don't we always regret entering or exiting, or doing that too soon or too late? Regret is inevitable consequences all the time.
      I got in TSLA at 30 only to get 50% profit in the end. If I had just bought and held, and done nothing after first buy it could have been 500%. When it was around 150 somebody posted, to feel better by confessing, he got in at 25 and exited at 27. At lease he made me feel better.

    • This is just part of investing. Don't feel bad, we ALL have been through this.

      If we all know when to sell, there won't be any beggars in the world. Just be a discipline player in the game and you'll be fine. And I just lost 167k on NQ and I've still over 300% return ytd. No sweat man, its all part of the game.

    • Owned 14k shares since 4.61 and then traded 12k at 5.50

    • gundy70 Oct 24, 2013 10:18 PM Flag

      relax, you will have opportunities to buy back patient! It ebbs and flows.

    • This is a traders stock for the moment. 5-20% swings daily are the norm. I could be down 20% tomorrow or up 10%. There will be opportunity to buy lower than today's close and sell higher and repeat.

    • You guys are all crazy....if you sell shares and make did it right and you should be proud of yourselves, especially if you always sell and make money. Are you worried there will be a shortage of stocks to play with? I bought Hurc nearly 3 years ago and sold my position yesterday at the exact same price I bought it about dead money.

    • DOJI reversal candle formed from RSI over 70. Will retrace..

    • I've done the same thing. We all have. Its an awful feeling, so I sympathize. Chalk it up as the price of the Learning Curve. The most I ever sell, when I think I'm back at the top of a trading range is 1/2 of my shares. That way, I always have skin in the game and I don't miss a move. Otherwise, I just booked some profits and I buy back, increasing my position, back at the bottom of the trading range. However, I must say, when it comes to a stock I love, I try not to trade it. I only add on weakness. Save more money and repeat. This is a strategy that is working perfectly with, ONVO, DDD and AMAVF. All some of my favorites. And you should probably just buy ONVO back. Dont make another mistake and watch it from the sidelines. The news the other day was bigger than most people realize. It will lead to alot more positive announcements with big Pharma and Initiated coverage by Analyst. This stock is going alot higher.

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