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  • cjg70772 cjg70772 Dec 1, 2013 12:25 PM Flag


    You have every right and entitlement to be on this message board! I am not going to argue that point. But, lets discuss why we are all on here: TO MAKE A PROFIT!!! If you have done your research and believe ONVO to be a "PUMP & DUMP" or "A FUTURE NON-REVENUE PRODUCING ENTITY"……. WHY are you wasting your time and my time cluttering this board?

    Let's look at the big picture! You bashers can go away and put your funds into a host of other companies producing significant revenue with stunning balance sheets and bank vaults stuffed with US Dollars! These companies are not "Highly Speculative" and will make you lots $$$. They are not going to go away any time soon, their management & boards are seasoned professionals earning hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars each year. They don't dilute shares or inside sell their stock! Please go invest in them! I HAVE…. I own Apple, Google among others! You guys don't care about ME or if I make or lose MY money…. YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT WHETHER YOU MAKE OR LOSE YOUR MONEY!!!!

    I have invested in ONVO for a number of reasons at this POINT IN TIME! I will spare you the details, but NUMBER ONE is I want to make ME more money!!! Yes, it if their plans materialize… it will help mankind! ….another reason I invested. But, in reality that's BULL SHxxxT. Plain and simple.. I am not in ONVO to lose $XXX,XXX.00 that I have invested for the good of mankind. Bashers, you are not typing on this board to protect mankind from a company selling hope and making false promises either!!! YOU HAVE A PLAN….. THAT'S TO GET SHARES AS CHEAPLY AS YOU CAN…. NOW!!! Yes, there is a possibility that ONVO might not succeed in the long-term, but I don't believe that and NEITHER DO YOU! YOU AND I could wait until ONVO began to generate that $5 - 10 million annual revenue to invest….. what will the pps be at that time? It's all about the money.. So please let me lose MY $$$ in peace!

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    • Nothing wrong with wanting a company to be fairly valued. If companies were free to say and do whatever they want the market would be a whole lot more corrupt then it actually is. Having 2 sides to every story is critical to helping to keep companies in check. Do you really think that having nothing but PUMPERS posting on this board would REALLY be good for the fair market value of ONVO..? Your post seems to imply this and it is just a simply stupid statement.

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      • My post does not imply discussing two sides (positives and negatives) is not necessary to keeping current or potential investors informed. Companies are basically free to say or not say whatever they deem to be newsworthy or in their best interests within SEC guidelines. I for one value factual information that helps me make an investment decision. I do not need someone telling me that I am "stupid, a pumper, or some other names" because I chose to invest my money in a speculative stock. Anyone in the stock market should know what they are getting into and at least the basics of investing. I assure you and them… everybody wants YOUR money! Yes, that includes the investment houses/banks, newsletters and even our friends at Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha! Do you really think that I believe bashing longterm investors in ONVO using negative information and fear serves the fair market value of ONVO? Hell no and neither do you! I am open to discussing the potential pitfalls or obstacles facing ONVO….. I am aware of quite a few! But, DO NOT TRY TO SCARE ME INTO SELLING MY 40,000 SHARES! Either short the stock or don't invest in it….. TAKE YOUR PICK!

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