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  • redtr4 redtr4 Dec 1, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Eli Lily and Astra-Zeneca looking into 3D bio-printing?

    Anyone have any news about this? I know ONVO has patents, but how detailed are they, and exactly how strong would they be if two pharma giants like EL and AZ got into the biz.

    Sort of makes sense that the big guys aren't going to sit idly by and watch a neophyte rake in all the dough. Thoughts?

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    • Before you ask such a question with such doubt just google ONVO board of directors. You will find that they use to head up the companies you just referenced

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      • e7navy, That's my dilemma. ONVO looked like an interesting play so long as the established pharms with bigger cookie jars stayed on the sidelines. But I agree with babrad12, it's just a matter of "when" they enter this market. Frankly, what an announcement from one would do to ONOV's pps is daunting. Won't get any better if multiple pharms enter the bio-printing market.

        Finally, and who is to say that one or more aren't already working on 3D bio-printing in their R&D labs as we all write? Sure would be comforting if someone with a good science background could analyze ONVO's patents and explain to the rest of us the exposure ONVO has in that regard. Yes, ONVO has patents, but so do every manufacturer of, lap tops, notebooks, smart phones, video games, moblie apps etc., and there are dozens of folks competing against one another in those markets. And with the pundits telling us that ONVO won't have any revenues until early 2015, that sure does leave a wide swath of time for someone else to catch up.

      • This is a very valid question indeed. But actually one that really does not need to be asked. There is NO DOUBT that Major drug companies are going to be doing 3D bio printing. The real question is not if but WHEN..?

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