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  • plummel plummel Dec 31, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Going over $17 this year. Someone bought 1000 Jan 2015 $15 calls! 100k shares betting higher today!

    Can't get more bullish than a big buyer putting money instead of lip service! Wow! Happy New Year to All!

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    • High premarket is $11.67 on big volume. DDD up along with ONVO. No worries until $13.5!

    • Get your head out of the sand. There's inside information disseminated all the time. You should listen to the Najarian brothers. They make a living off people trading large volumes of call and put options. I've been trading options in ONVO since January and have done nicely, always at leasing doubling my money. My only loss was buying calls at .10 and selling them at .05. I own the Feb and May options. I'll be rolling those over into the JAN 2015 calls soon. Sad people are bashing a company that is trying to save lives. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all longs. May we have a health, happy and PROSPEROUS 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • plummel: 90% of the folks who buy call options lose money or watch their position expire worthless. Calls are pure gambling. I wouldn't use that purchase as an indicator of pps strength. On the contrary, it's just someone rolling the dice with hopes that the current euphoria surrounding ONVO continues for the next few weeks.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I think it is closer to 85% expire worthless. How ever options are great to 5x-10x your money when you know the direction of the stock and they are undervalued. I traded 300 jan $80 twtr calls last week. The week before I bought them at $.5 and the price of twtr was $60. Last week at the highs you could of sold them over $7.50. Even now at $64 they are $4.50. Onvo will break out of its range and go a lot higher this year as a must own stock which has no public competition! Keep you stop loss on! Happy New Year!

      • Absolutely options are gambling and usually the better bet is writing rather than trading them. If I had say, ten million to play with I'd write them on blue chip stocks and reap in both the dividends and the option (i.e. sucker) income. Then I would use some of that income to buy hot numbers like ONVO outright and let the winners ride.

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