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  • da55id da55id Apr 15, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    the last time

    the last time this happened we didn't sell. We aren't selling now either. What has happened to the company? Only sci-fi worthy ahead of schedule, better than predicted progress. Have we lost any money - no. Do I wish the price was going up? Sure. What I'm I doing now? Other stuff that's productive - reading the lies of shorts isn't productive and you won't read anything here that will help more than just waiting this out. That's what investors do. If you're not an investor you definitely should ignore these thoughts.

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    • Sorry for talking to myself, but it's nice to see the scientific progress be validated by one of the most independent and huge pharmaceutical companies in the world. Like every pharma company in the world, they absolutely, positively cannot survive without a breakthrough that will dramatically reduce the cost/risk profile of their drug testing. They are hemorrhaging capital on loser candidate drugs that should have been killed if only they knew the molecule was liver (and kidney) toxic - all while their patent portfolios and drug pipelines are going dry. They MUST do something. And the cosmetics industry MUST do something.

      What did today's release say? Only ONVO's assay was able to detect a KNOWN liver toxin AND to ignore the nearly identical but non-toxic compound. All other "best of breed" assays currently in use FAILED. WHY would pharma ever use these money losing constructs ever again? I know it's still early in the game, but sometimes things just go right. Yes, you might say I'm glad we ignored the shorts who couldn't give a rat's gluteous about the good this company can bring to the human condition.

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