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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jun 18, 2009 12:14 PM Flag

    Rough Past Few Days for HCN

    this is just the warm-up lap, wait til the real race starts

    HCN will get a little help from the index rally coming, but after than, it's all over -- trade accordingly

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    • jeff, you may be the smartest trader on this the entire yahoo message boards -- could it be possible that someone else is making money besides me? -- gosh, i hope so, it's so lonely at the top

      jeff, i am not surprised to see a reaction rebound up on TBT today, but after the market starts WAVE 2 PullBack, i think we are gonna get an excellent entry back into TBT

      i salute your astute trading -- welcome to the team!!

    • jeff,

      if i like an idea, i post it -- i do understand your thought process and i think hlose appreciates it too

      let's just stick with what i am doing or going to do, i think that speaks volumes, and why i do it is typically posted as well

      what am i doing? playing S&P 500 and several indexes with some selected stocks that i am currently focusing on -- one idea i like was my exit out of TBT at the upper 50's to wait and see it tail off to more reasonable entry level as i feel the gov't knows that if rates are too high, then that will mean their plan will not work or stall to early -- so i am waiting to see them step in and buy the treasuries, and today then did, in a big way -- so wait to add to the TBT position

      i will post more thoughts later

      gotta go


    • you lost 10% in only 2 days and you're worried about paying out a dividend that is not going to survive? -- yes, i do have something HCN related to say, the company is going to lose top line revenue -- is that something? cuz i call that everything

    • Funniebuck-- you need to go back to your BBT message board which seems to be the long lost home of the confused investor. You tried to come on strong on this board but without actual data you were challenged and sent off with your tail between your legs.

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      • those guys at the BBT message board used to be the brightest of the bunch, now there is only one or two left -- i got all their brains scrambled wondering if i am right and if they have it wrong on BBT and the entire market -- they are surely finding out who is on top of things -- and from the looks of it, it ain't gonna be pretty unless they start to question the company and demand more transparency -- but why would they do that, when you can hide in denial and use HOPE as your only style of investment philosophy

        let's put it this way, i ain't making any new friends over there with the LONGS on BBT, but there is one dude that knows his stuff and is guarding his assets and placing them in the right areas for the disaster about to take place

        the HCN LONGS will have to learn it for themselves also, that means you conjob

        the only thing that you can do now is let my fabulous prediction of the index rally take stocks higher and you bail, then stay away from HCN or short it at the high and then wait for the WAVE 3 HUGE RALLY, then get full short the entire market and lots of other great ideas i have named and you will make a fortune

        conjob, comeback and argue with me, i need the resistance -- i told you i didn't want to get into details about HCN, but you made me -- now you do not have a response?

        why don't you do the right thing, short HCN, make a ton of money, then you can Funk my sister

      • has another rough day owning HCN?

        you just hang onto your stock so i can short some more as the stock possibly climbs higher before the inevitable crash -- medicare is going to crash too, nothing will be left behind on this next crash -- your gov't, which is really you cuz it's your money, ain't got no more money, you spent it all, you in trouble, you be crying, you be pissed, then you be depressed, then you accept it, then you be mad again when i show up and say told ya so

        if you think HCN is going to be excluded from the crash, you are living in a fantasy world of delusion -- all stocks crash in a severe crash, none are spared -- some of the top managers in the industry didn't expect everything to crash in 2008, but they severely miscalculated that idea -- did you hear that last line i typed? i said even the brilliant managers of money miscalculated, just the same way you are about to do -- as long as stocks are listed on the united states stock exchanges, then follow they will, like a hookah after their pimp

        u got that conjob? it's all a giant con job, and it's featuring you the suckers about to be taken for a ride

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