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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jun 18, 2009 5:08 PM Flag

    Rough Past Few Days for HCN

    has another rough day owning HCN?

    you just hang onto your stock so i can short some more as the stock possibly climbs higher before the inevitable crash -- medicare is going to crash too, nothing will be left behind on this next crash -- your gov't, which is really you cuz it's your money, ain't got no more money, you spent it all, you in trouble, you be crying, you be pissed, then you be depressed, then you accept it, then you be mad again when i show up and say told ya so

    if you think HCN is going to be excluded from the crash, you are living in a fantasy world of delusion -- all stocks crash in a severe crash, none are spared -- some of the top managers in the industry didn't expect everything to crash in 2008, but they severely miscalculated that idea -- did you hear that last line i typed? i said even the brilliant managers of money miscalculated, just the same way you are about to do -- as long as stocks are listed on the united states stock exchanges, then follow they will, like a hookah after their pimp

    u got that conjob? it's all a giant con job, and it's featuring you the suckers about to be taken for a ride

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