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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jun 26, 2009 12:57 PM Flag

    Another Messy Day/Week for HCN

    HCN, it's no shock that this stock is down again

    some people think that the REIT crash that is about to happen won't affect HCN, and that HCN in immune to the crash -- i never heard such a disparate statement like that, as if that is going to be able to prop up this company

    this stock is one of the top stocks that is on the pathetic list that FunnieBuckets is SHORTing on his Best of All Time Short List -- this stock could possible yield me my greatest gainer trade ever from shorting because i have so much riding on this one -- there are so many bad companies out there, but this one takes the cake -- this stock easily made it into my TOP 5 SHORT LIST -- 3 of the TOP 5 are REITs -- congrats to the longs for finding this one and hanging onto it -- you truly are going to be labeled the suckers of the century

    have i ruffled a few feathers on this message board? -- maybe there is a reason they are ruffled, cuz you all know this stock is going to tank -- this company has painted themselves into a corner

    just remember who took your money -- the name's FunnieBucket, and i am the new sheriff in town -- ya'll come back now ya'hear

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    • we'll see who's laughing when the stock starts to fall and the shorts start piling in faster than you have ever seen before -- you investing days end are going to end on this crash and will scare you so severely that you'll crumble like the market's breathe -- fear and panic will consume this market and everyone is going to be pushing the sell button -- and all those 401K Plans won't be keeping that auto-account builder option on for another 5 years+ -- this ain't no joking time, this is real serious stuff waiting to rob you blind

    • Funnie said.....

      "my predictions are so spot on you're oozing jealousy"


    • my predictions are so spot on you're oozing jealousy

    • Check out Funny on the BBT message board-- He takes so many positions and changes them when the market is against him-- what is really funny is that he has stated that he does not own any of BBT (long or short)but yet he is on that board every day telling the world how great he has become.At first some of the newbies would actually ask him questions but now they realize that he is a joke--a guy trying to get his 15 minutes of fame even if he must lie. so sad!

    • On September 3 Funnie said.....

      "i am up big on my short on HCN due to scale in entries"


      You are not only a piss poor are a horrendous liar. Based upon nothing more than the price history of HCN and your posts, it is completely clear to anyone paying attention that you are down on your short positions in HCN (if you really have any short positions). Your magical method of "scaling your position" like you frequently like to state as your stategy has not worked with HCN. Admit it, the market has moved against you.

      Dude! Give up the lies and you MIGHT salvage some respect. Is it that important that you need to try to impress us with your lies?

      By the way, I'm sure you will also claim that you are up on your scaled short positions in ARE (Alexandria Real Estate) but that would obviously be another lie.

      When the market eventually does move in your favor, I'm sure we'll hear you crowing but that has not happened yet. Remember...even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • when does your high school start?

      i am up big on my short on HCN due to scale in entries

      and i hope this crap stock goes up to 50+ so i can short some more

      if a person only needs a high school education to trade HCN short and make a profit, then it doesn't say much about your favorite company

    • Funny--I guess your high school doesn't start till after Labor Day. The one good thing for you is that after your recent market picks you now qualify for the free lunch program.

    • when a plan comes together this nicely, you know the guy as the pattern nailed perfectly

    • Bucket: What are your charts telling you now about HCN. Any ideas about the time frame of the collapse. Are we talking about tomorrow or a year from now?

    • very good point, but i have to stick with what research i did and see if it pans out -- if you scale your positions into the short and not go heavy short at the low price entries, you will be able to carry/manage the trade -- make the larger entries short at really high prices so you make the big money

      stay well and always of good cheer

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