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  • prophet43m prophet43m Nov 20, 2009 1:59 PM Flag

    I Wonder.....

    I wonder how many distributions Funniebucket has paid to the rightful owner of the shares he supposedly shorted?

    It doesn't matter though, because Funniebucket will be able to precisely call the top of the market and HCN share price and will pile on with his "heaviest short position" at the absolute top of the market. Yeah right!

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    • you just jealous and clueless

      people like you are never sellers, you are long-term buy and holders, and that has failed you -- you'll never sell this stock -- you held the shares and got wiped out in the last crash -- wait til the next crash, you'll wished you never got involved with the stock in the first place

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      • good luck trying to "trade" this reit...or any other reit for that matter.

      • Good to see that you are still solvent.

        I only posted to see if you still around. You do have some problems though....

        (1) You under-estimate my investing skills but I could not care less
        (2) You over-estimate your own investing skills
        (3) You have a total lack of honesty (even with yourself)

        By the way, one last time, I don't own the common and never have. I only own the HCN series F preferred. I like the risk/reward much better and by the way I bought them really, really cheap very new the 52 week low (my timing was probably lucky). I own almost no common stock (of any company). My investments are currently almost exclusively in corporate bonds, corporate exchanged traded bonds, third party trust preferreds, and conventional preferreds.

        I've been trying to get rid of all the common I still own by selling 2-month duration slightly out of the money covered calls. Problem is the commons I own have been trading mostly flat for months. I've only had one set of commons called away in 2009. Oh well! I keep collecting some relatively healthy option premiums and the commons I'm holding are solid.

        You outlook on the economy is not positive at all despite all the data currently being discussed on CNBC throw the perspective of rose colored glasses.

        Oh....and by the way....I still have plenty of cash to scoup out monstrous bargains when they arrive.

        Based upon your posts, despite all your "chest beating" about your trading skills you have been dead wrong for a long time. Even if your thesis is correct, the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

        I'll match your comment...."people like you are never sellers"

        My reply...."People like you are great traders in your own mind"

        And like I've been saying....a broken clock is right twice a I'm sure we will hear from you again....once HCN finally sees a 10+% correction.....and you most definitely will be claiming you put your biggest position on just before the fall.....Get a grip dude! Shorts are no better timing their shorts than longs are at timing their buys.

        By the way, I've noticed that you have been just as correct with all you proclamations over on the "ARE" board.

        Just the same.....Good Luck To You

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