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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Feb 4, 2010 6:20 PM Flag


    we are still in a secular bear market even though the S&P 500 was +25% last year -- i think HCN will miss earnings -- HCN still has major problems with loan losses to its operators and has a rapid increase in non-accrual loans -- the large and growing budget deficit will force cutbacks in medicare reimbursements to nursing homes and it ILFs will struggle due to high unemployment and very high entrances fees -- eventually higher interest rates will cause cap rates to rise which will lower the value of HCN properties

    have fun holding your longs on this one

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    • This is just down on the secondary. The dividend is reasonably safe. Personally, this wouldn't be my choice to short. It's not that volatile.

    • you're getting completely biotch slapped

    • Hey Funnie DumbAZZ.....

      If you are smart you can BS some of the people some of the time (you're not smart). I have never seen anyone so delusional and/or in so much denial.

      I am becoming more convinced that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking addition to your struggles with telling the truth. Earlier on this very message board, you told us that you had put on you "HEAVIEST" short position (Yike! I'm scared).

      You said....."EBITDA at 20X?". Obviously, you have not realized that your are trying to refer to some ratio of some other financial metric to EBITDA. So which ratio is it?

      Run along and hide under mommie's dress where it's safe.

    • sleeping just great lately, how about you?

      have fun with your longs and trying to collect the distribution soon to be in trouble and not able to pay out to shareholders until the possible bottom in stock market many years out -- and you are gonna need caffeine to make that headache go away cuz we know you'll already be awake worried

      old people never learn, this stock is going to a minimum target of 17 and possibly as low as 10, and if they don't clean up their act of faking out the shareholders that merging REIT assets doesn't work in this kind of situation that the gov't is trying to prop up asset values, then you have a lot to learn -- so on the trip all the way down will you start dissing your company that you are in love with blinders on and can't see what is taking place in the reality of the real estate market, especially on the commercial end of the spectrum? LOL you must be a masochist to hang onto your beloved stock and board of directors pulling the wool over your eyes

      EBIDTA at 20x? good luck pal

      i will be covering the small short for profit and will add the heaviest part of the short when the next top out occurs -- learn to trade, or be a victim

    • LOL. You must be a masochist. I own HCN below $14 and have seen guys like you dissing the company all the way up.

      Have fun with your short and paying a healthy distribution each quarter. You won't need caffeine to keep you awake.

    • adding to shorts here on way down, put a few on yesterday

    • it's all over folks, the SPX may get to 1150, but even if it does, all REITs are set up for torture -- you can't maintain the multiple of EBITDA

    • dang it, i shorted 46.21 a little too soon yesterday, but it will work out just fine

    • i truly can not believe they are going to let me short this stock from the over 45 level

      for me to be allowed to cover under 44 1/2 and get another chance to sell short from the year high should be deemed illegal -- but hey, you longs are this greedy and after the crash you are gonna wish you sold anywhere over 40/shr.

    • once again, i went full short the opening bell on HCN and used the UPGRADE to BUY, this time time i think we are going to go lower tomorrow and maybe continue on friday -- i can't believe i got back in this short just under the 45 level, what a gift

      thanks BearTANKe

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