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  • Gregg_Seg Gregg_Seg Feb 12, 2000 8:53 AM Flag

    Ben, KHosp, Mellow

    I've followed you posts on BRK and while
    sometimes I feel like a peeping tom, I don't have any more
    to add, so I read and learn. It seems to me like
    it's time to hit golf balls, average down and wait.
    The BRK board is a bunch of posts on What Does Warren
    Think. I haven't a clue, but I do think he has an
    investment approach that will come around, just not as soon
    as we all like, but in its own time.

    charted BRK and found it has some correlation with market
    moves, this market in particular, at this time. So it is
    not surprising that it is moving down. I am confident
    it will spring back, I just wish I had a lot more
    money to pour in, I got overly aggressive in December.
    The non tech market is almost beat to a pulp. If we
    have much more downside, then most of my portfolio
    will have P/E's below 5. I am frustrated, but I am
    taking half the beating the overall market is, which I
    take as a sign that there's just not much more money
    to be dragged out of value.

    I am looking
    harder at HCN and BRK with my remaining capital. I have
    as much of everything else as I want and these two
    stocks seem to be the ones to continue chasing. I am
    starting to get interested in HR again too.

    I know
    this is all a replay, but while I can't tell you guys
    much you don't already know, I do respect your ideas
    and think that you are in the right track. Hope that
    is some level of support in a very frustrating
    market. I hope we can all congratualte each other come
    June, or September or next January, who

    Kirk out,

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    • Loved your answer. I just wanted to see it in black & white. Thanks.

    • <<<It always makes me suspicious what
      goes into these million dollar "SG&A" numbers???

      Isn't that where they put their golf green and caddy
      fees, trips to the Meditteranian and to Hawaii when
      they check out whether to expand operations there, and
      their charter jet costs to save them an hour wait at
      the airport?

    • It always makes me suspicious what goes into these million dollar "SG&A" numbers???

    • How many employees does it take to collect rents, deposit them and send out receipts? Seems we're overstaffed. :-)

    • The yahoo profile indicates that hcn has 23 employees. How could a company with so many assets have so few employees? Is yahoo wrong? Is HCN peculiarly structured?

    • Tks for the good thoughts.

      If we sound and
      feel so full of self doubt these days, I wonder how
      WEB is sleeping.

      The money and respect are one
      thing -- but guys like him want to leave a legacy of
      success and right now he's under attack from all but his
      most loyal.

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      • I figure he's seen it all before, many times and
        has made too much money following his own strategy. I
        just read a biography of Ben Graham which talked about
        when WEB moved back to Omaha from NYC with a tidy sum
        of $140,000 made while working at Graham Newman.
        That was his seed money which he has grown into
        Berkshire today.
        Still you are right, he can't be doing
        cartwheels and must be very frustrated. I know I

        I am scratching around to find more money to buy
        more BRKb. It will come around. I feel for everyone
        who bought at levels it will take some time for the
        stock to come back to. I feel very fortunate to get hip
        to HCN and BRK at this time.

        We'll all be
        fine by and by.
        Take care

    • HCN looks very close to bottom to me. I wonder if
      it will see 14 1/2. Benkea used to buy some ETT
      (debt ratio of 1.4 but dividend at 19%!) HR looks like
      it will come down to very close to HCN's dividend
      level. Big bargains! Possible 40% returns over the next
      year or two with a very good margin of safety. BRK -
      another story. Big bargain at a much higher price, but if
      its stock is a falling knife, why catch it now? "Mr.
      Market" is being very irrational these days. He's
      offering ALL at a P/E of 5.5! I think ALL is a huge
      opportunity right now - GEICO will kick its butt in the long
      run, but ALL should get bought out within the next 12
      months - big bonanza for shareholders of record.

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      • I've read the last 7 or 8 msgs. and don't know
        what to think. Quite a bit about balls - very little
        about HCN. I did use a lot of balls (good names) last
        year (golf, thatis) I had in the basement for about 3
        or 4 years. They were just as good as new ones, if
        not better. My experience with Geico was very bad to
        say the least. I have 2 '98 cars, pay about $1000/yr
        ins. - I called Geico last summer for a quote exactly
        like what I have. Very friendly - she came up with
        $1046/6 months. I almost fell off my chair - I told what
        I pay, and she explained she would have to see her
        boss as something must be wrong with her rates, and he
        would call me back. Guess what - he never called back!
        I don't know how the big cheese is doing with this
        company, but in my eyes it stinks (that cheesy smell). I'm
        still high, and buying more, on HCN - I do my "dd"
        quite often, and nothing is quite like that 15% or so
        It will come back - may be starting now. Good luck

    • "I am starting to get interested in HR again too."

      I bought more Friday at $16 1/16.

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      • I like the financials on HR, low price to
        everything ratios and low debt. It was a little to rich
        compared to HCN so I just kept an eye on it. Anything
        behind the downturn? Also, what happened to earnings at

        I still am a huge fan of HCN, I just own
        3x as much of this as any other REIT. Still if it
        goes to 14.5 or less I think that's where my money is

        Do you buy your golf balls at Target? That's what I
        do. We don't have that many water traps in Colorado,
        but they roll of the mountainside and disappear just
        as easily.

        Drive for show, putt for dough
        and if you can't score, switch from Diet Coke to Beer
        are my 3 rules of golf.


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