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  • nomowk nomowk Dec 4, 2000 6:09 AM Flag

    My compliments to Klee and Wallstvet!

    Thanks for your input. I probably shoud have
    pointed out that I have about 15% in Fidelity Magellan
    and another 25% in a balanced fund. The remaining 60%
    is divided up in 22 other investments mostly for
    income, but some in growth sstock. I understand not being
    able to keep track of too many stocks, but a lot of my
    holdings are in CEF's which don't require the same level
    as individual stocks. Diverstity is still the best
    approach and I like the 3% level as it strikes (for me)
    that level of commitment that causes concern with
    price movements.

    Everyone should evaluate this
    on their own, and make the decision that is best for
    them. I will say, that in spite of being smacked around
    pretty good lately, my total portfolio is about even for
    the year. I can only attribute that to the level of
    bonds and a lot of dumb luck.
    The jury is still out
    on ACAS (for me). I am concerned about the topic
    being discussed right now (unrealized gains) and will
    be watching closely.

    Good luck to you.

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    • klee and nomo,

      sorry i put you guys on a
      defenisive posture. i agree everyone needs evaluate their
      own ports and split it up in ways that make them

      my port has been smacked around too, however i'm
      still looking at adding more hcn. more brk too. acas is
      still in a holding pattern for me, i'm still learning
      about them. management is supposed to be top notch,
      just like hcn's.

      happy investing!

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