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  • sandollor2000 sandollor2000 Feb 21, 2002 3:19 PM Flag

    President Bush Failed

    Bush Can't Persuade China on Weapons
    Thu Feb 21, 2:32 PM ET
    By RON FOURNIER, AP White House Correspondent

    BEIJING (AP) - President Bush failed during his trip this week to persuade China to halt sales of missile technology, an issue of rising importance as the United States fights its war on terrorism.

    sandollor (:-:)

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    • Don't know. It seems hard for me to believe that any nation would want to risk the death of their children for the sake of 'face', but when the pressure is on, people, and governments, sometimes act just like people.
      I am having a paranoid evening. Think I'll move to Oregon.

    • Why couldn't he do something to save the journalist in Pakistan?? Why can't he do something to help us here in America, and prevent things like 9/11?? I have lost my job, along with thousands of others, because of all of this Osama stuff!
      Why wouldn't he do anything to help Mr. Pearl??
      I'm so distressed over this! We are all his Americans. What's he going to FINALLY do about it!!!????

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      • Let me guess. He should have sent you over to Pakistan to do a house to house search in a foreign sovereign nation. Would you have gone? What, not the job you were looking for. I thought not.

      • Ma'am, if you'll pardon my saying so, you are going to have to look at this from a historical perspective.
        The U.S., because it is the most powerful nation on earth, has no power.
        This is a nation founded by religous fanatics, settled by outcasts, industrialized by thieves, and run by the international corporate state.
        This country and its culture is only 200 years old.
        The 'outlaws', like the scum bin Laden and the scum who killed David Pearl, and the leaders of that 'backward' country China are all the products of cultures that have been developing, basically unchanged in their fundamental modes of thought for THOUSANDS of years.
        You can have shiny tanks, planes, guns, computers more, bigger, faster, stronger than anybody else, but if IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR OPPONENT THINKS, YOU CAN NOT HOPE TO DOMINATE HIM. That is a period, right there.
        If we really want to stop cocaine, why don't we just buy the coca crop? If we want better schools, why, two stealth fighters that our undertrained oversugarfed greenhorn military will probably fly into the ground anyway would pay for improvements in our schools without annoying local bond issues etc.
        Because the machine that has been running this stuff for us is breaking down. Too many mouths to feed, too many palms to grease.
        Bush did not fail. That would indicate an ability to act that was not utilized.
        Ma'am, I understand your frustration. After all, look where we are.
        I was hoping to at least get my little bit of money back from this "investment", but honestly, the current state of affairs with Jiang, I don't like the looks of this at all.

    • Now the Administration has concrete proof that the chicoms support terrorism and missile technology sales.

      Kiss CS8 good bye.

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