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  • jeffswarts jeffswarts May 16, 2003 10:23 AM Flag

    Taking a break...

    ...for a few days.

    I just want to extend my heart felt thanks to Lux, Warrior, John and many others who know clearly that you can't build a great company without shareholder commitment.

    We've built it. The SAT's are up and we're ready to build more with the world's best technology. We've got a surge of new FSS orders and our finances have been restructured, with a couple more major pieces to be put in play. I'm confident that G* and SIRI will contribute to LOR's coffers in the near future as will a host of new SAT-based applications.

    LOR's penetration in its market is second to none. When the market turns, and it will, we will be there to satisfy the demand, while others have the bulk of their capacity locked in to lower paying contracts.

    Keep the faith, longs, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

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    • Lux n Jeff,
      This is about as close to financial armageddon as I want to get -- the cc was depressing, more so than I thought it would be.
      It all spurs a theory:
      Is Bernie talking down the equity for some other purpose? To help a quiet tender or buyback of the stock? Bernie could have put such a more positive spin on the Q1 news, and he chose to sound grim instead.
      I share everyone's enthusiasm for sat's future (after all, it can't get worse), but loral remains on the precipice, and it looks really dismal right now, worse than even a week ago. The heavy volume is encouraging, and it's one of the reasons I think Bernie is talking down the stock deliberately.
      Still need one or two pieces of positive business news.
      This option hasn't expired yet.

    • Jeff:

      I'd like to add something to your posting.

      The other week I deliberately set some time aside to think about the industries that I knew with relative certainty would do well in the immediate future. I mean certainty and materiality, not just the beer companies growing some more.

      Hydrogen cells is a sure thing but that is way off. The only other one I came up with, and I tried to resist it, is the sat industry.

      No matter how you cut it, sats have to grow materially. It was the commercial case before the Iraq war, and there is now even more emphasis created by the military (whole armies have to be changed, as witness the new army being proposed in Europe).

      If I am anywhere near the mark, sooner or later LOR has to fly.


    • The ONLY reward shareholders of this POS (self included) will be when it's FINALLY delisted and put to rest....get real!

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