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  • momsfund momsfund Apr 6, 1998 7:46 AM Flag

    No Can Do

    I put in a sell order - granted I don't have thousands of shares of LOR but, call me an idealist (and probably a few more
    choice adjectives) but IMO this stinks. I have a son in service for this country, who has already been deployed to the Chinese
    waters once in the past couple of years, and to think that the Chinese military might be better off today because of Bill and
    Bernie does not sit well with me. I can make money somewhere else. LOR is not the only game in town. Some of you say "wait and see
    - all the facts aren't in" - well I will watch and I too would like to see a post from halpcar. Maybe when the dust settles, I
    will get back in, but as it has been shown in the past with this administration, you never really can be sure of the truth.
    Semper Fi

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    • In the information age, it's almost impossible to totally prohibit the transfer of information. Even during the industrial revolution a couple of hundred years ago, the English weren't able to keep the secrets of the textile industry inside the country for more than a few years.

      If you feel that strongly about anything that helps the Chinese government, you should have sold when the announcement was first made that LOR would be using Chinese launch facilities for their satellite placements. You aren't really naive enough to think that kind of business relationship is possible without some exchange of technical information taking place, are you?

      While you're at it, take a walk through the house and turn all your belongings upside down; every time you see "Made in China" stamped on the bottom, think about how much your purchases have done to strengthen the Chinese economy. Where do you think they get the money to buy all the stuff you don't want them to have?

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      • I agree that it is impossible to totally prohibit transfer of information and there are companies where there is an accepted
        agreement of exchange of information - I am NOT that naive but having said that, my objection is to turning over "sensitive"
        information, to the detriment of this country and our troops, in exchange for what - an opportunity for some to make $. You are welcome
        to walk thru my house anytime and turn over any item to see it stamped with 'Made in USA". This is a concious effort on my
        part, as I am a naturalized citizen of the USA, originally from a socialist country and probably more sensitive to the
        freedoms/obligations of my chosen country.
        Incidentally, past mistakes don't justify new ones, or repeating the old ones.

      • Just how did LOR get this "classified" info in the first place? There is a whole lot happening we do not know.

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