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  • momsfund momsfund Apr 6, 1998 9:08 AM Flag

    No Can Do

    I agree that it is impossible to totally prohibit transfer of information and there are companies where there is an accepted
    agreement of exchange of information - I am NOT that naive but having said that, my objection is to turning over "sensitive"
    information, to the detriment of this country and our troops, in exchange for what - an opportunity for some to make $. You are welcome
    to walk thru my house anytime and turn over any item to see it stamped with 'Made in USA". This is a concious effort on my
    part, as I am a naturalized citizen of the USA, originally from a socialist country and probably more sensitive to the
    freedoms/obligations of my chosen country.
    Incidentally, past mistakes don't justify new ones, or repeating the old ones.

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    • I too make this effort, although in some areas of consumer goods there are fewer choices than there used to be.

      In any case, everyone seems to be leaping to judgement here. Last time I checked, a trial was required in this country before anyone was pronounced guilty. Even if you have moral objections, perhaps it's a little early to be selling your stock. You should challenge the veracity of what you read a little more. Many times the people writing know even less than we do, or for their own reasons are motivated to spread misleading or incorrect stories around.

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