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  • notsolonelyvalueguy notsolonelyvalueguy Feb 27, 2001 3:11 PM Flag

    blue sky what is it today?

    a) a shake out of the weak hands

    b) sell off before the big deal is announced

    c) preparation for the huge contract

    d)the fall before the huge takeover offer

    e) to collapse before the premium tender offer

    or is it: a pos stock run by a pos mgmt team that overpromises and never delivers?

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    • Its not any of these things...most of us seem to be too close to the stock and see significance in every movement. It just doesnt merit that kind of attention.

      While it is not a nas stock it often looses when the nas is down.

      Even with the anticipated rate cut I doubt that LOR will have much upside until a decent end of the bear has arrived and we still have another 25%+ on the nas to go....

      I suspect this stock will trade in the high $2s to low $5s for the next few months. (assuming no freakish news).

      Only way to play it , imo, is to day trade the amounts not reserved for the long haul.

      You can bash bernie, wail, scream, seek societal refuge among disgruntled miserables, BUT...if you dont buy low and sell dont mean squat.

    • What makes my eyebrows raise is the price/sales multiple under 1. I don't know of ANY private or public going concerns that you can buy for even close to 1 X sales. Even BS's purchase at 10 was conservative in terms of traditional valuation models employing revenues. Compare ratios of LOR to SIRI, for example.

    • while i appreciate your optimism if BS had a way out of this mess we would have heard it by now imho. the reality appears to be that you can not make chicken sald out of chicken sht and he has certainly dug us in deep. the way i see it we have to options to get bailed out:

      1. a hostile takeover

      2. bernie keels over from the stress of keeping track of his multiple untruths

      in the meantime i will write a letter to george bush and ask him to name bernie as ambassador to chad and maybe he will resign with the sliver of dignity that he has left..if he can find it. i hate the threes!

    • all of the above with emphasis on F. lvg i was thinking about in today again but just couldnt pull the trigger. 4.3 today at close not. bs's cool accounting move sans any delivery set the stage for perhaps establishing 3.5 as our new number. i thought he'd announce something within a day or so but he's consistent. not that this market helps. hey where are you putting all you L funds. under the bed?

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