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  • satelliteconsultant satelliteconsultant Aug 7, 2001 12:40 PM Flag

    stupid buggers

    the fact that the shares go up from $1 to $3 is nothing to write home about.

    A lot of small investors have lost a lot of money because they bought high at $10+. Most people I know just hold them for a laugh, they have mentally written them off.

    In most civilised places, the board would fall on their swords at this performance. As it is they do not.

    Like 'Notsolonelyvalueguy' I would personally like to ask the board about my investment. Where is my money? What their plan isto return shareholder value.

    As I said, those out their that have fanatasy vision beleive the shares to be worth $20.

    Rule #1: something is only worth what you can get for it.

    Lets see from the next quarters view is it will be a nightmare, the only way they can cut costs is to fire everyone. They don't care.

    No nor do I.......Lets leave it like that shall we....more soon.

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    • You must be a lonely bugger. Your problems run deep, you will not accept responsibility for your actions and you are hung up on revenge. This is bad behavior, get help.

    • "Like 'Notsolonelyvalueguy' I would personally like to ask the board about my investment. Where is my money? What their
      plan isto return shareholder value."

      I don't know about you guys but the plan is pretty clear to me. Sell around 10 birds a year to keep the sat biz going and increase FSS biz by putting up new sats. How about that, I said it all in one sentence. What the hell do you not understand?

      Where is your money? Did you ever hear of the words, "balance sheet". DDDDDUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!

      You can knock many things about LOR and management but you cannot cry about them not having a plan. The plan is simple. The plan is easy to follow. If LOR can make it happen the stock will be sitting in the teens.

      I use to read and write on this board but now I just cannot stand it. I come back every once in a while and I always leave sad. So many assholes in one place. It is amazing.

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      • This guy is a rude turd.

        If he had worked for LORAL put his life into it and lost the lot, got nothing then he would know.

        All they have got to do is sell 10 birds a year - simple get it! he knows zippo about this industry. who is going to buy 10 birds....possibly the zoo.

        You deserve to be promoted to the board of LOR with your simplistic plan and could not careless attitude.

      • Yes the plan has been simplified and is easier to understand but there are a couple of roadblocks in the way. First and foremost, Loral owes banks about $600 million by November of 2002. IR at Loral and Bernie will tell you its a cakewalk getting that re-fi'd. Nobody believes a word Bernie says so its show me the money time. As of 2001, he hasn't shown us diddly. Are the odds in favor of refinancing that term loan, I would argue yes but there is risk in that. Telstar 7 is on a back-up CPU and if that baby goes, a bank has a real problem. Bottom line, you're trusting a guy whose judgement put 12 million dollars into an obvious failing enetrprise(G*) as of last September. You can not trust that man's judgement anymore. ( That is called risk). Did Zahler want to keep plowing money into G*?, that will be an interesting tidbit. Yes, the balance sheet has lots of answers,there is a legitimate argument on whether Bernie is up to the test. If I'm refi'ing at B of A with a 78 year old who is not here in two years, you better damn well be sure I'm getting some big ass fees off Loral and the senior vet.

    • Great post..concise and accurate. I will throw some gas on the fire....some private held companies I have heard of do very well year over year, because the management pursues its vision without the annoyance of pleasing shareholders. This allows for long term strategies using innovative risk managment schemes. I am not a Berniehead,the guy handles himself poorly on the world stage. However, we're not selling shredded tires,here,either. The guy has either a brilliant long term plan, or the whole shebang goes down in flames IMO. By the way, if I had bought in at a buck, I wouldn't be writing home either. I'd be sending postcards from Kauai.

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