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  • home_stretch54321 home_stretch54321 May 30, 2007 4:22 AM Flag

    This stock is set to rally alot higher-Try your luck on it!

    This is one Great Stock that's selling for a low bargain-basement price. But not for long. TCHC is set to rally much, much higher!
    Here's why its going to rally big time!
    1. TCHC pays a regular, great dividend. The dividend payout is 72 cents/share, and according to the company, the dividend payout should continue into the forseeable future!
    The total float for TCHC is just 6.46 million shares.

    2. The CEO stated, during the recent CC presentation, that TCHC expects to declare an additional "bonus dividend" on top of its regular dividend ("to be paid out later this year").

    3. It's been said that 21st Century Holding Company's CEO is "extremely experienced, bright, and aggressive" and can be expected to do something dramatic to boost up the share price of TCHC, and very soon, they add." Today the company announced a stock buy-back program. TCHC plans to buy back $5 million worth of its shares in the open market.
    That usually indicates that the company thinks that its stock is under-valued.

    4. The share price of TCHC recently dropped from over $20.00/share, down to the current $9.85/share, after there was a transfer of $4.4 million to TCHC's reserves column (in house). There was panic selling. That panic selling is over. Investors have now taken another closer look at TCHC, and they seem to like what they see!

    5. When the stock price of TCHC first dropped everyone assumed that the sky was falling. There was sheer panic in the TCHC market. Nobody could buy up that massive a number of TCHC shares that suddenly came into the market as "sell orders". The Market Makers (MM) were overwhelmed. Clearer heads now prevail.

    6. Many TCHC stockholders said that they had been stopped-out of the market as TCHC dropped down so hard, so fast. They said they did not expect to sell out, but someone had advised them to put in stop-loss orders (for their safety).

    7. People in the know realize that TCHC is in a tremendous over-sold position now. The vacuum will be filled.

    There are some new earning figures that are expected to be released by the company in June, 2007. These new figures could have 'a very positive impact' on the earnings outlook for TCHC now and for next two quarters. (Read some of the most recent messages on Yahoo's message board - Wow!)

    8. There are rumors of a possible attempt to take TCHC private in the next few months at $14/share to $18/share.

    Finally, look at the earnings estimates (Yahoo - Finance).
    TCHC Earnings Estimates look very good, very positive, very impressive!

    "Our management team and I believe that the company remains strong and well positioned for future growth and profitability," said Edward J. Lawson, chairman, CEO and president.

    Here are some positive postings about TCHC:
    "We see TCHC as a bargain at this price level. We'll be buying TCHC - alot!"

    "After recent price decline, this stock is on sale"

    "Excellent reward/risk ratio!"

    "Good valuation, good time to buy, seems like a good well-run company!"

    "Good results should weather any storms this season"

    "Great company ---- low p/e ---- Likely a take-over candidate"

    "Good enough for my money"

    "TCHC-a solid company with good management selling at a good discount to the overall market"

    "There is no doubt that TCHC is oversold."

    "Need to be bought now and held for a double"

    "I'm buying TCHC"

    Sentiment : Buy

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