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  • uh_oh_1095 uh_oh_1095 Feb 4, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Las Vegas could Run out of Water this Year

    The water level at Lake Mead could drop below current intake pipes, and Las Vegas would be out of water. The construction of a third straw (intake pipe) deeper into Lake Mead is underway currently. However, drilling and construction this intake pipe is a race for time. It is a very serious matter.

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    • why don,t they have a pipe line from michigan

    • Uh..., you posted this same charge last year.

      As a matter of fact, you posted this same subject line just last month.
      (Just do a search on "Las Vegas could Run out of Water this Year" in the search area at the top of any message thread.)

      And from 12-31-2011, posted under the Yahoo_ID of uh_oh_995b:
      "Having lived in Las Vegas off and on since 1987, I recall one could not even secure a room on New Years Eve in 1987-2007. It was impossible. I had to let friends stay at my home.

      Setting that aside, one problem that could destroy the entire city of Las Vegas is no water. If the county is unsuccessful in getting the deeper water intake pipe completed by 2013, Las Vegas will run out of water. The county has had problems already with the project at Lake Mead. They had to start over with the drilling. They ran into a fault and had to start over. This is not good."

      So what's it gonna be? Housing going bust (which means LESS water use), or more water not being used? What do you do, flip a coin each day to decide which topic to talk trash about? You're certainly in the right city to be flipping coins in; just watch out for those hordes of That One's followers, they'll #$%$ your coins away in mid-flip.

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