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  • georgejabbs georgejabbs Mar 28, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    A Conversation between LVS and MGM: Part 2

    (Phone rings)
    MGM: Um, excuse me?
    LVS: Who is this?
    MGM: Uh...
    LVS: You again? What do you want Moron?
    MGM: Um, the name is Murren.
    LVS: Murren! Moron! Same difference!
    MGM: Um, seriously, what do I have to do to be like you?
    LVS: Seriously? Okay, who's your biggest investor? Your biggest hope?
    MGM: KK
    LVS: The Klan??
    MGM: No, sorry...he's a 95-year old investor who founded MGM
    LVS: 95? A guy who is near death is your BIGGEST hope??
    MGM: But really, sir with all due respect, we want to be a $50 stock too. How do we do it?
    LVS: Find younger hope, Moron
    MGM: Um, it's pronounced Murren
    (LVS hangs up)
    MGM: Um, hello?

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    • (phone rings)
      MGM: Um, hello?
      Cramer: Is it possible that you DON'T come on my show tomorrow?
      MGM: What's the problem?
      Cramer: YOU are the problem. None of your shareholders like you. How do you expect me to kiss your butt tomorrow and expect viewers to believe me?
      MGM: Let's just talk about Vegas, and shows, and blackjack and fun stuff!
      Cramer: Look, I do that with EVERY CEO that comes on to get suckers to buy their stock. But with YOU, even the suckers will be too smart to buy your stock
      MGM: Then let's just talk about the weather, food, golf and just laugh all the time!
      Cramer: Whatever, chief

    • LMAO!!!!!

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