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  • lilies778 lilies778 Sep 30, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Too low to sell. I'll double down one last time.

    my average price is 41 too , looks like alot of people got stuck there , the drop from 40 to 30 was quick , hopefully we come back up , it did come back up but i was stuck w/ a short :( , so can't get out of long , so now that i let go of my short at even and it drop further , geezzz , i think i just sit still and wait for 20 , like pengo says ,lol
    pengo , what do you think of gold , what price do you think is a good entry point , i think at 1000 i will jump all in

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    • Hi lilies,

      What do I think about Gold?

      I like the color of it but personally, I would not buy it as I see no value in it

      Gold does not feed me, clothe me, provide shelter, or fill up my gas tank. Believe it or not, oil and gas do all the above, which is why I like it so much!

      Even though you can't consume (ingest) oil or gas, they are key components that you can use to cook or produce materials to survive. I guess I do consume oil in salad dressing...

      15 years ago, I wanted a Gold Rolex but it cost $5 grand and out of college I could not afford it. Now that I can afford it, it cost $21K, so needless to say, I don't like gold because I don't want to pay $21K for a freakin watch. I'm a very proud owner of a Sekio now.

      Back to business.. If I were to buy gold to make money (trade or invest) I think below 1000 would be a somewhat safe entry point to AVERAGE in but heavens forbid, DONT go ALL in... :)

      I really don't follow metals that closely so not sure how it trades technically. You may be better off buying one of those Gold ETFs instead of the metal itself. It's more liquid in the market Or trade the companies that produce it.

      Oh boy.. I'm beginning to sound like Cramer now..ugh..!

      I will start my 1st beer for the evening, hope you enjoy yours :)

      Good luck w/ your trades.. Pengo

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