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  • philippians4and13 philippians4and13 Feb 13, 2002 5:48 PM Flag

    Great multiethnic appeal, PEG, etc.

    Glad the apparently unfounded rumor of funds selling CEC didn't cause many individual owners to blindly sell into a very brief period of declining share prices. Recall the author of that rumor admitted he had no knowledge of even one fund selling but was deducing a fund sale because of volume.
    But look at the very high volume today and the large rise. High volume on a rise is bullish technically. Also, even during the brief declining period, CEC never fell below its 200-day moving average.
    Even with the large stock price rise today, compare CEC's P/E ratio, price/sales ratio, and Price/Earnings Growth ratio to such other restaurants as MCD, APPB, and SONC. On all 3 measures, CEC remains a better buy against each of these other stocks, except APPB has a slightly lower P/S ratio.
    I have a modest long position in CEC. Before I added to it (and it was even more modest before), I made a couple of visits to CEC stores and called another CEC store. It appears CEC is doing a great job attracting customers from all three of the largest ethnic groups in US, which bodes especially well for CEC given growth in Hispanic population and also Hispanic discretionary incomes.