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  • kotter75 kotter75 Apr 14, 2003 12:02 PM Flag

    Keep in mind

    1) Today's price action is a continuation of the recent trend, not some singular event.

    2) An entire day's average volume in just the first hour - We are in accumulation period.

    3) Twice-tested bottom was .80, which makes 1.60 the 100% mark at which profit taking is extreme. Notice how today tried to touch that ceiling and then fell? 1.55 is also virtually the 50% mark from the 1.05 base, so again a near-term ceiling.

    3) Notice the incredible divide between the bid and the ask this morning?!? Market Makers had more than a .10 differential at points. In other words, the MM's are gathering like hyenas and eating the amateurs. This will cause volatility but implies "this is where the action is".

    4) DO NOT expect news this week, nor believe the hypsters. There are a few members of this board that know the company well - have confidence in your own knowledge base. Today's price volatility is the quantitative equivalent to the qualitative staement made by hypsters, "there will be news". What a load of crap.

    5) Get used to this. There will be wild rides. There will be shakeouts. There will be erroneous posts.


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