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  • securedassets securedassets Aug 31, 2003 8:36 PM Flag



    moon_tribe - i am sure resurected his id from a group of juveniles that hung out past dark...

    megdalon - sounds like something my four year old son plays with that transforms into something erie...

    ramsees - is a self absorbed yahoo board wannabe, that is obviously rejected by most in the female domain... Finds solace paraphrasing pseudo-biblical parables in relation to the demise of this stock.

    robert_c099 - lost, impatient, and learning that big bad stock market is perhaps a little meaner than first thought. also uses flagrant mis-statements to attempt to persude the movement of a stock in favor of his position.

    ring-a-ding - a total wash and only attempts to rephrase or support a previous false claim or lie in an attempt to motivate the stock in his or her favor. i suspect this person may actually be the same alter identity of one of the first listed, communicating with himself to orchestrate attention.

    all-in-all this 99% of all negative post are generated from these 5 users who have yet to give one solid statement why someone would not want to invest in this company... Their constant obscene statements expose much about their overall disposition.


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    • securedasses:
      Who the hell do you think you are? The owner of Yahoo? That was another diarhea of the mouth colon blow post of yours. You are pumping illegally like this is on par with a say Medtronics. Is shorting illegal in your book? Watch Spot short. Spot, shorts a stock. Oh, oh here comes securedasses.

      • 2 Replies to charliechanfromyet
      • "Is shorting illegal in your book?"

        I'll answer the question for you. NO, shorting is not illegal, but I personally feel that it is immoral.. Shorts benefit from other peoples misfortune. To me, shorts are no better than "looters" during a terrible disaster !!

        Now, with that said.. eat sh*t and die.. you are on Ignore !!

      • Nothing wrong with an objective view as long as your don't frown when pie is on face.... I encourage productive couter post as long as it has nothing to do with future events not yet realized. (i.e. Possibilities of rejection or acceptance of canada)

        now, back to your pov, i encourage you to short, as a matter of fact i dare you to short. i dare anyone in all my stock to short... It makes it more intersting to push the pot... Come 4 weeks, i will call, and perhaps i win..

        now cheer your team, but don't low punch in the process....