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Cardima, Inc. (CRDM) Message Board

  • pharsono pharsono Oct 17, 2000 2:19 PM Flag

    Looks like people are dumping CRDM...

    ....I am seriously considering it.

    I have
    been long, may not be too long anymore.
    I don't
    have too much faith on the company and the management

    NAZ up, CRDM down, NAZ down, CRDM down, what else can
    we expect ?!

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    • Pharsono, I know exactly how you feel, I sold out
      after hold Crdm for a long Time, and I was loaded with
      Crdm shares.
      I won't blame you for selling your
      Holding, but it is hard to when in the back of your
      you still have hope, and it doesn't help when
      everyone here says "oh, just hang on alittle longer".
      sold out around $1.43, and I have put my money into
      other stocks.
      I have to admit I still watch CRDM but
      I am glad my money is working Elsewhere.
      Luck with whatever you decide to do....