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  • katullr Aug 16, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Still a lot of money to be made buying here if you missed it.

    You can look at my post history, I have been in for a while trying to help people understand and not panic.

    Just like people made money on the way down following the trend, you are almost guaranteed money following this trend up now. Faster if they don't taper in Sept. ( Like I believe ).

    Yes, I was in a lot earlier and was taking a small chance. I have made a lot of money now by taking that chance. However, now you might not make as much money you are still following the trend and there is plenty of room for more money to the upside.

    Good luck all, remember this trend is now also supported by normal seasonal pressures along with the 100 other reasons gold is currently and has been a buy.

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    • I bought this today for the first time. What changed from 30.94 this morning down to 29.48. Is it just
      normal trading pattern or profit taking because it went up so much? Thanks.

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    • katullr Aug 16, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

      GDX has a strong chance of being over 32.00 EOD if not a lot higher. Will see how much profit taking and cover has already taken place or still needs to happen.

      Remember a lot of people were caught completely off guard with this move and the ones that were waiting for it had such strong convictions they aren't selling.

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      • Not so fast.
        Remember, GDX is NOT a stock. It is NOT a mutual fund.
        It's an ETF. It's mainly a day trading vehicle.
        The underlying holdings are supposed to represent the gold miners,which usually take the lead in front of/or follow the PMs,depending on market conditions and technical factors.
        You could be right about gold and wrong about the miners or the related ETF.
        Just sayin.
        I'm on your side in spirit but be careful. You may see volatility in the wrong direction when you think it should be opposite.


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