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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Feb 8, 2004 1:44 PM Flag

    In fairness to longbread, ...

    ...he/she didn't just pop up on the board as a Fairweather Cheerleader, but offered a measured sensible explanation of PFCB's recent rebound, which I, a dedicated PFCB short, responded to. I like longbread's reduction of my fake/real chinese food needle: "If fake is better than real, so what?" Of course one aspect of dining at an authentic Chinese restaurant which PF's lacks is the entertainment factor of watching the really weird entrees arrive at tables occupied by Chinese diners. Perhaps it's the fear of inadvertently ordering Hundred Year Old Eggs with Bitter Greens which keeps the occidentals flooding into PF's. To return to the subject at hand... How big an upside surprise on earnings would it take to drive PFCB back to the midfifties? And how likely is such a surprise? At these multiples, I think anything less than .02 or .03 on the upside coupled with strong comps will be a disappointment. Mandated health insurance and wage increases in California, shorter wait times(= lower booze tabs), and above all, the lackluster performance of Pei Wei make this seem unlikely to me. The action should be interesting this week.

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    • Not a fairweather cheerleader huh? He bought his stock at somewhere in the 20's or 30's (so he/she claims), makes unbacked ludicrous statements that this thing is going to the 60's and beyond yet does not dare to buy more to show his confidence in the stock, disappears from the posting forum when the stock starts to stall and drop in price then reappears giving the "I told you so" speech when it recovers a bit.

      Sounds like a cheerleader to me! All he can do is give empty cheers praising the stock hoping he can somehow convince others to propel/support the stock price while he rides his little gravy train. But you know, when this train crashes, he will be no where to be found.

      Who knows, maybe he already cashed out, which would explain his lack of current posting!