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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Jun 11, 2005 12:38 PM Flag

    And the news is????

    They're squeezing the shorts here and signalled their intention to take it higher Monday by holding it above 61 at the close.
    They'll have to take it through 62 to be convincing. PFCB is an ideal candidate for a squeeze: large short position, low volumes, true believers waiting to buy at the higher prices. Keep your powder dry.

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    • There is no "they." There is no group in some room or rooms communicating by instant messaging saying today we will take it to over 61 and tomorrow to over 62.

      Over $25 million worth of stock trades each day. True it is not Googlesque, but you can hardly call that low volume when there are thousands of other companies that would be a lot easier to manipulate.

      The stock is moving up because there are more buyers than sellers. The buyers are not co-conspirators. They just believe that this highly successful business still has lots of room to grow and continue. Of course the potential of a short squeeze is an added benefit, but that is not a good reason to purchase a stock. True short squeezes are few and far between.