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  • thinker4u0007 thinker4u0007 Dec 23, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    HYPE or SCAM read and answer

    HYPE or SCAM

    By thinker4u0007

    This is over hyped by Jim Cramer last weeks and SCAM news letter Seeking Alpha.
    When you look at Jim Cramer Last month opinion SSYS he said SELLL SELL SELL.
    This weeks Jim Cramer said buy buy buy that means he tell you to buy high so he can sell his position at high.
    Last year October it was traded $18.40 and now $79.50. SSYS went up 200% from one year period. SSYS is 3D printer maker. During this last quarter they made $49 million revenue and EPS .39 and current quarter EPS projection .39. That means they are going to earn flat revenue. The revenue going to increase 15% but profit is going same last quarter. That means company burning cash some where. They are selling each 3D printer from $900 to $30,000 printer. Most of the printer company likes HPQ struggling to sell any printer. Most of the regular printer selling loss. Now SSYS facing similar thing starting from current quarter. The fundamental going to fall from current quarter. The stock’s price bubble valuation and very high P/E ratio 95 and almost $2 Billion market cap. The stocks moving up low volume for last 5 trades went up over $10 from to $79.50. When you look at the trade bid / ask price too much gap .30c and .40c means just kind of manipulation. When investor return from after long weeks institution take profit on high volume. When look at the stocks trade history 4 to 5 days up days and go back down 4 days. There is no support level above $73 if it break below $73 then it will sudden drop to $63.

    Based up on current earning and growth these stocks worth only $22 with future P/E 33 for the sector valuation. When you buy at top you the death is very near and very careful when you buy at the peak.
    Lot of people bought NFLX, SINA, SOHU, DECK, CTXS, FFIV, FSLR the entire top now tank to new low. SSYS near term reached maxim and ready to tank here anytime soon. My advice is avoid buying at high is very danger.
    Target Traded (18.40 to 79.54). We are looking for short term correction 30% and long term correction 50%. Sell stock at high and wait for another pullback to $55 range. Insider all sold most of their position at high.
    Put stop loss at $68 and if it break below $68 and it will potential to go $55.

    The stock’s price bubble valuation and very high P/E ratio 95
    We are going enter recession year 2013. All the tech stocks will fall DDD and SSYS will tank wtch out very carefull.

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    • A recent company on the receiving end of such an attack is Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG). A report titled “Has the Halo Been Broken on Intuitive Surgical?” was released by Citron Research. The report cited recent lawsuits, a high multiple, and lack of convincing scientific evidence as catalysts for a decrease in Intuitive Surgical’s stock price by half within 18 months. Intuitive Surgical fell more than 10% over two days. This move erased $2.3 billion in shareholder wealth.

      Watch soon SSYS will go to 1/2 share price to $40

    • I tend to agree w your perspective. However, alleged stock-picking 'genius' Vardy publishes an expensive 'advisory', touting SSYS as the future GOOG of 3-D printing, claiming that after they merge w Israeli company Objet, they'll blow away any competition. Supposedly, they've demonstrated unique, game-changing results w their implementation of this technology.
      Would that justify an insanely high, current P/E of 95? Cramer probably got in early /is looking at a 400% gain, while he hedged positions w cheap put options on the way up, hehe...
      So what, if it free-falls to a reasonable [retracement] price point?

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      • what's amazon's p/e, and how long has it been like that? and what was instagram's p/e, incidentally? there are reasons to own a stock issue beyond price to earnings ratios. no doubt it's richly valued at the moment, but there is good reason for that. this thing is still under 2B total market cap, with an international distribution platform and patented technologies. a major industrial concern could snap this company up no problem.

    • Excelent report. This is true. just over hyped stocks

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      • Careful:
        Seeking Alpha and motlyfool news letter not real all fake newsletter. Anyone can write news about the stocks on seeking alpha and Morlypool. Whoever writing story about stocks they do not have track record. They are all $18 old writing story about the stocks.
        SSYS is over all story stocks not a growth stocks. When you buy high you get locked on the stocks sometime this stocks never comeback.

        Seeking alpha and Motly Fool stocks reccommentaion guys all only 18 years old and 20 years old making story report about the company. They do not have licence and qualification. Simply buy stocks and the make fake report. Once the stocks goes high all will take profit.
        Today most of the guys all taken a profit.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • unload at the end of this yr before 2013 kick in. TAX

    • I never belive Cramer

    • I agree with you. I am thinking to short again

    • When I lookaed at SSYS earning quarter by quarter that earning not impressive. The revnue and earning over all flat. This stocks price went up the roof with out profer EPS. I not a buyer atthis moment. It is too expensive and bubble . Any one has any idea just hype or scam.

      Revenue (M): 39.9530
      Net Income (M): 5.8572 sep:2011
      Profit Margin (%): 14.6601

      Revenue (M): 43.5724
      Net Income (M): 5.7861 Dec:2011
      Profit Margin (%): 13.2792

      Revenue (M): 44.9641
      Net Income (M): 4.5223 Mar: 2012
      Profit Margin (%): 10.0577

      Revenue (M): 49.4054
      Net Income (M): 3.0176 June: 2012
      Profit Margin (%): 6.1079

      Revenue (M): 49.7235
      Net Income (M): 5.1831 Sp: 2012
      Profit Margin (%): 10.4239

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      • Not a SCAM. I have been involved with companies using 3D printing services to produce one of a kind prototypes for more than ten years and I know engineers that have worked on 3D printer designs 20 years ago. This is not a new technology, but an evolving one. 3D printing is a real business and Statasys/Objet is a leader in the industry.

        It is HYPE. Your analysis is correct. The 2012 YOY revenue growth is about 25%. The merger presentation gives the top financial figures for the years 2009-2011. They show a 33.9% revenue CAGR for Objet and a 25.5% revenue CAGR for Stratasys. Remembering that 2009 was the bottom of the recession and any figures for the following two years are going to indicate an exaggerated growth. The industry appears to be uniformly growing at a 25-28% rate. Unit sales are up but the margins on cheaper printers are down. At an estimated $1.42, 2012 earnings, and a PE of 28 we have today’s valuation of $39.76.

        HPYE is correct. Naive investors believe the HYPE that 3D printers can produce everything from clothing to electronics at the touch of a button and buy the stock. Eventually they will realize this is an engineering tool that produces expensive one of a kind parts with a limited customer base and the stock will drop dramatically.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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