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  • apache5thcomm apache5thcomm May 9, 2013 4:17 PM Flag


    Is the recent price run up in ssys because everyone expects good numbers and the stock sells off?

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    • the new Stratasys (post merger) already reported financials as a combined company in the last SEC filing.
      Together the new entity reported $1.4 Million in operating cash flow for the full year year 2012. (Stock is trading nearly 2300 times Cash Flow.)

      Carrying $822 million of GOODWILL is another great line item. (or how about the HALF BILLION DOLLAR increase in INTANGIBLE assets?)

      All the hype and fluff every where you turn, but at the end of the day its the financials that matter. It may see $94 again with all the bulls out there, but eventually it won't live up to the hype at these levels.
      It will one day be a "dime a dozen" product that you can buy at walmart from some little competitor. THe company makes it sound like the NEXT APPLE on the NEEDHAM Conference during the 1st quarter.
      I doubt everyone will "have to have" a 3D printer any time soon.

      These 2 companies really needed one another. SSYS probably told OBJET, we'll value you at $1 billion if you don't mind us valuing ourselves at $1.2 billion. (we get a premium because we're a public company).

      Only problem now is OBJET shareholders will need to get liquid. 6 month period is over (December 3rd 2012 was close of deal).
      I would guess SSYS will do an underwriting (like DDD just announced)) soon. (I mean that's how wall street keeps their lights on, raising money for hot hyped up sectors). Janney Montgomery initiating a buy this afternoon shows they are probably jockeying for position to get a slice of a deal.
      Brokerage Firms aren't focusing (highlighting) on the statement of cash flow because it will make it harder to float a deal (raise capital) at these lofty levels.

      SSYS is no DDD.
      DDD has significant operating cash flow (enough to grow internally).
      SSYS NEEDS an underwriting because the EARNINGS QUALITY is so poor.

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