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  • lillydodie lillydodie Mar 21, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    Just about every negative item that coudl happen has hit 3D stocks the last few weeks

    all in all they are still hanging in there around where they first dropped to. Not sure waht may get them rising again but it seems like they've handled blow after blow of news

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    • I emailed DDD management ealy this morning. I did this in the past. I tried to call but when you go to their website ther is not one number .last year when SA trashed DDD I did the same. They responded to me and forwarded my email to all the locations. I now received updates directly to me.

      I told them that I see the attacks from CNBC, Cramer, SA, etc is unethical. I believe that Avi is a good leader, he was on Fast Money last year to tell the market that the bear fund manager was wrong. Remember that?

      I also wrote a lot about HPQ and the way Meg presented sounded like HP will be the ONLY winner in the 3D space. Also said the media has been using INACCURATE facts about current ability and capacity of 3D technology from DDD SSYS XONE. People are taking it as we currently can only print a few toys.

      If the huge R&D budget is what HPQ has then what iare the strategies. I proposed a couple ideas.Hey, wrong or right I feel we should voice our thinking even if we own 1 share.

      I really like what I wrote and ask them to take my messages SERIOUSLY. Avi is a great leader and he is not sitting there to let THEM tearing the 3D leaders apart.

      I also called and talked to XONE in the past. I emailed this morning also.

      A few Yeats ago, I called an insurance CEO, could not talk directly. I insisted that I must. Long story short, the president called me and basically my goal was accomplished. They changed the policy for taking care of children by paying the cost of care from doctor's recommendations , not from the insurance's experts. When I think about this, I feel great. It was not easy but it was worth every second and sleepiness nights. It was a lot of work, research about the company, their bonuses, cases, awards, earnings, etc....

      Well, I hope you will email SSYS DDD XONE to voice your opinions and recommendations to protect the hardworking people.

      One rock can not make a mountain but many can.
      Our voice on MBs does not get any where.

      Thank you and good lick to all

    • Amazing that they have had so many blows on very little news. Most of the news has been nuetral to positive but spun extremely negatively. lowering EPS to increase R&D and increase long run EPS is a winning strategy (spun as awful news)... HPQ entering consumer market will raise awareness in the space though increase competition (Can be bad news but also can be good news due to increased awareness and buyout potential of the smaller players)... spun as a showstopper for the whole industry.

      In my opinions, all of the so called news for the past 2 months has been bs similar to last year to tank the price while the big money slowly accumulates. Friday had several hallmarks of capitulation by the way and we did bounce off of a double bottom. Everyone seems to think we are headed for 40 but I have never seen a bottom that did not have everyone screaming doom and gloom. I think 54 was it....

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