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  • dognasuds dognasuds Apr 16, 2010 5:15 AM Flag

    In the "Anything is Possible" Realm

    Man, talking about making a stock fortune and being left with mixed feelings..."IF" the scenario below comes true, then this company will have found another way to squelch investor curiosity and due diligence. That's "IF" because this is speculation. Repeat-"Speculation." I am forced to speculate since this is a non-reporting company and they play that theme like a guitar. If true, the speculation is terrifically bullish to us investors yet very frustrating. I offer this:

    It would be interesting if given the magnitude of Lee's Saturday announcement (assuming it truly blows doors down), Celadon placed the entire $5 million Private Placement with just one or two of its biggest/best clients, the private placment memorandum containing disclosure never gets disseminated to us, and yesterday's 700,000 share volume marked the conclusion of the PP deal and the continuation of the push for the stock with the deal now complete.

    It is yesterday's 700K share day that brings this possible scenario to light.

    If the scenario is true it begs the question "Would you prefer to be rich or intelligent?" Kind of a toughie. LOL

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    • Fellow stockholder Dale had an excellent insight. If the PP memorandum discloses what we think it discloses, Celadon did not have to go far to pitch the deal. Finding 20 investors to pony up $250K each is chump change. They wouldnt need outside investors in order to fully subscribe it.

      Let's hope they dont vault the contents of the memorandum. As emerging growth stock investors our job is to discover companies when they are undervalued, ride them to fair valuation and sell them at overvaluation. How can you determine 'overvaluation' when you are blocked from seeing what you are sitting on?

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      • Doggies...
        If yesterday's move was the tell of the completion of the PP (which I'm inclined to think it was),then we should be seeing the Form D soon.........however,not before "the news" on Saturday...... or if,as you are suggesting,the offer was a bought deal. Is this a correct speculative scenario?
        Either way,everyone has to feel their way thru this. But, a bought deal suggests a strong company warchest,IMO. And,even without it being a bought de..... the way the pps exploded on the timing(mid-April/ nod,wink), along with Celadon's enthusiasm for POWN, I'm thinking big things ahead near and longterm.

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