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  • rickn23 rickn23 Jan 10, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

    Stan Lee video interview

    Wall Street Journal does it. Link on iHub'

    Title, "Stan Lee on POW! Entertainment Comikaze, Comic Con, & the future".

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    • You know, Disney's stock price has tripled since they bought Marvel (25 to 75), they own Pixar and Star Wars, they were named company of the year by Yahoo! Financial, they already took a little nibble of POW!, why don't they just buy out the rest of the company as a goodwill final tribute to nonagenarian living legend Stan Lee while he can still stand up and accept one of those giant novelty checks? Great press since they can thank Stan for Marvel and pretend to be excited to work with him and to help develop the first Chinese (Annihilator) and Indian (Chakra) superheroes. Nearly everyone worships the guy (with the exception of Jim Steranko, next time he's signing at a convention near you go up and mention Stan's name and he'll continue ranting even after everyone has walked away from his table, I'll never forget that) and Stan'll probably shill for them till he ascends to Asgard. I'll take a buck a share, whattya say? OK, do I hear fifty cents?

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      • I think POW! will get well over a dollar this year, so I'm not anxious for a Disney buyout right now.

        I doubt Disney will buy POW! until there is enough company for them to justify it to their shareholders. Enough proof that they are actually buying something worthwhile. POW! needs to have a project make money for the company.

        "Mighty 7" is coming out Feb. 1st. It's coming out in five different countries, unless more have signed on (more $$s). If you can believe Genius Brands there will be ancillary income from licensing (games, apparel, toys, etc). If the money is split between Genius (A Squared), Archie Comics, and POW!, I think each company will get several millions of dollars, which should be nearly all profit. A "Mighty 7" animated series is planned for next year, that could bring in several times what the movies bring in.

        There are three other IPs to be exploited in the partnership (more potential $s.

        There is also the Mattel-POW! partnership. Mattel has there earnings report at the end of the month, an analyst day mid-Feb. and the New York Toy Fair starting mid -Feb. I think we will soon find out what the partnership will be.

        "Zodiac" is the Disney-POW! illustrated novel. I think it might turn into a movie or TV series. It could bring in more than "Mighty 7" depending on how the deal is structured.

        A buyout at fifty cents, I don't think so. I'm willing to wait a few more months for things to flesh out. I think we will see dollars. If people don't start buying shares this year with irrational exuberance, next year (2015) should be even better.

        I'm not even counting on "Chakra", "Annihilator", or whatever Lionsgate was doing.

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