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  • big.willa big.willa May 12, 2009 7:31 PM Flag

    new investor Qs

    thank u all, appreciate the thoughts; 2 of my banks where i have cash parked have changed hands twice in last 60 days; not exactly confidence-inspiring; they literally didn't get the signs changed and it was re-bought out again; and don't kid yourself that FDIC is safe, its not. even a mild run puts it out of business; does anyone here really think that can't happen in this environment?

    i liked the advice re commodities; i've always been a gold bug and i just can't help myself w/oil futures (short now); a young man could make his fortune just in those 2 if he paid enough attn; been long ag futures also; i like dba and dag; i'm heavy commodities for sure;

    what i meant by chasing this ETF is i can't find a single person who says its a bad idea to put money here; that makes me nervous, if everyone says its a good idea and if its what all the 'smart' people are doing, its usually past time to pull money out; that being said, i like this ETF better than cash and may start averaging in;

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