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  • lo_octane lo_octane Oct 9, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

    Bad trade executions

    I watch the dollar index pretty closely. My intention has been to shift some of my US bond money to an international bond fund when the dollar seems too high. That way I get a substantial boost as the dollar drops in value (at least in theory). I've played it that way successfully a couple of times. When the dollar index recently got to about 84, I was tempted to do it again, but didn't have the nerve to pull the trigger. Too much back-and-forth European news. Good news one day, disaster the next. But in hindsight, I should have gritted my teeth and bought some of the foreign stuff.

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    • jshaef, that's my laugh of the day. Thanks.
      (This new improved format doesn't let me reply to your message, so I replied to my own. I guess they limit the number of Re:Re: ..... to 5 layers.)

    • Hey you were playing my game!! I was using BEGBX as a proxy for a short US dollar. However lately, the game hasn't worked out as well and like you I didn't play this round. I got to thinking that maybe interest rates would start going up in general--you know real bonds--not bubblicous TIP.

      It still seems that the bondholders of American need to be punished and driven outta their comfortable "safe" positions--all except TIP which will go up until Andrew Mellon comes back from the dead and liquidates the Fed balance sheet. :) Maybe, just Benron will leave. Have a good one.

    • Hey LO--maybe time to start plodding into the int. bond play again as you had mentioned early in Oct?? The dollar looks like Forrest Gump in his "bama jersey today.

      Run Uncle Bucky, Run!! :)

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