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  • captainwho2 captainwho2 Oct 9, 2012 6:20 PM Flag

    Bad trade executions

    I saw it spike up at 10:02 and tried to sell my position, but I immediately noticed that the Bid/Ask hadn't moved up with the trade (123 shares at 123.144 !!!???). Another electronic screw up due to machine algorithms? There were some other anomalies during the day also. Also another ETF I have, IAU had similar problems.

    Funny that the trade for TIP went on the record as an all time high though. This market is really screwed up and getting worse, with the SEC doing nothing about it, apparently. I'm sure we'll have another flash crash soon.

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    • It's like when Paulson seized Freddy and Fanny over that weekend. When the trade opened on Monday morning, the ticker said some trades executed at $3.60pps but retail orders were all executed at $0.95pps. Broker said that the $3.60pps was executed on the Third Market where only institutional traders were allowed to participate. Shows you how badly retail gets ripped-off in the markets. So that TIP high-price trade was not something that occured on the retail markets and that's why you could never realize that price yourself. Live and Learn.

    • Dark pool trades are not accessible to the general public, but can be reported into the system database. In others, you'll never be able to execute a trade a price set in the dark pools.

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