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  • ironman_01701 ironman_01701 Dec 18, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    A trillion here, a trillion there.

    I'm older than you people.

    Let's see, the US prints dollars then Treasury issues short term bonds and the Federal Reserve sells them to buy long term bonds (operation twist).

    The madoff pozi sceam is ringing a bell.

    Sooner or later hyper inflation is going to kick in in a year or less.

    Don't worry, TIPs won't see this inflation because the same crooks are keeping the CPI low with their false numbers......they don't want to tell the truth now, do they?

    What a magic act our elected official are pulling off.

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    • We don't need the CPI any more; we have the "Personal Consumption Expenditures" Index. And if that doesn't work, we'll come up with yet another index to under-report inflation.
      QE4 has had only a few days to work its magic, but since rates have been rising the last couple of days, that means that SOMEBODY sure is selling lots of bonds at the same time the Treasury is buying its 45 billion a month. But I'm sure Uncle Benny will get everything under control eventually (sarcasm alert).

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