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  • ozlander Feb 28, 2011 11:33 AM Flag

    a little news article for carson & babs

    You guys might appreciate this story about a guy from Wyoming.....

    Please pass along to alyssa, HH77, and the the gang

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    • Amazing to me the lengths these multiples go through to protect the investors. They claim they do not own the stock and find news articles written over the pat 20 years trying to hurt MPET's credibility. The stock never really took off until they appeared on this board. Their bashing is doing more good then harm I personally thank you for putting MPET in the spotlight and making this a very profitable investment for us.

    • there are areas in the U.S.that have acquifers in areas where no oil and gas drilling has ever been done, such as Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York, which had water called Flatbush water which had heavy concentrations of minerals which are not found in ordinary drinking water, and hence had a very bad taste. Similarly, in Saratoga, New York,there is water which people use for bathing only because of its mineral content. A similar acquifer exists in Leeds, England which is used for bathing for alleged curing purposes containing mineral impurities to prevent its drinkability. There are more such reservoirs around the world too numerous to mention containing acquifers heavy in mineral content and chemicals in which no petroleum activity has ever been done. Accordingly,scenarios can be formulated to blame same on modern technology on the surface or subsurface of the earth.

    • I'll give you the courtesy of a response--something that you and your multiples haven't seemed to master on this board.

      The jury is still out on the effects of "fracking" though I tend to be sympathetic to the position that fracking left uncontrolled and unregulated can result in situations such as the one you presented.

      That being said, you have to get your stories straight with your other multiples. "They" claim that Magellan has no operation anywhere that is producing any oil or gas of note, let alone the Bakken area referenced in your URL. Are you concerned that they are now guilty of polluting ground water? Are you saying that in the future they will be polluters? Would that then be an admission that the areas now under their control are worth fracking?

      Would appreciate clarification of just what you think the URL will do in the immediate future to MPET.


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