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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Feb 13, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    Up 8-10 cents today

    After the stinko results, one would have expected the opposite. I wonder why the dreams of the collective are not coming to fruition today. Might someone know something about current drilling results?

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    • Good day, Tom. Reading the Collective today is a hoot. All flopping around like a worm on a warm sidewalk. Quite entertaining, though very short on intelligence. I see they've paid a visit to their favorite hangout--Archives. LOL!

      Funny thing is, when they post from dusty news they show a major deficiency in evaluating what they think they know. ANY investor/analyst will tell you that fundamentals and results as posted in any corporate filing are only half the equation (though for halfwits, I guess that's why it becomes the full equation.)

      Results are noteworthy...and they are also known and old by the time the filing is made. What is more important is whether or not there were any surprises. Was the bad news any worse than what was already known before the filing (and already built into the price by the markets?) Was the news the same (which with a company like Magellan is almost a positive?) Was it better than expected?

      Three things can happen and generally two of them are either benign or downright friendly, in which case the markets aren't disappointed and may even be a bit more enthused. If the third thing happens and the news is surprisingly worse, the market won't lie--the price will fall.

      How did Magellan trade today? {;>)

      Those who rely on archives tell the half of the story everyone already knows. Those who judge the reported performance against expectations tend to be a bit better informed (simply being polite here.)

      Luck to you, Tom

    • Due to all the changes the loss was expected and already factored in. The forthcoming potential is driving the price.

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