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  • MyOpinion_99 MyOpinion_99 Mar 23, 1999 12:40 PM Flag

    Excuse me........

    but why did they take the contract in the first place?

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    • You are right. Helluva mess in Washington state.
      The city can't tell you what is going on. The company
      can't tell you what is going on. One thing is obvious,
      it's been bungled from the get go. Citizens in town in
      open revolt. It's already cost a fortune and the
      company doesn't even have a building permit according to
      public disclosure documents. Need a good exit stradegy

    • Never mind I was on the wrong board LOL

    • &************************************************************


      I wanted to let you guys know about a great little
      stock I found out about on Friday called Legal Research
      Center, Inc. - LRCI - Currently trading at

      When lawyers need advice for writing and research
      services they turn to Legal Research Center. And recently
      they have been turning to them more and more. Revenues
      are up 84% from last year this most recent quarter
      and profits are coming in too. LRCI earned .03 this
      last quarter.

      According to Christopher
      Ljungkull, chief executive officer of LRC, ``This process
      has been extremely successful and we expect the trend
      to continue. In the last three quarters we have
      increased revenue 165% over the same three quarters a year
      ago... "

      ``LRC's second quarter also looks very
      promising,'' said James Seidl, LRC's president. ``In fact I
      believe the growth we're experiencing is just the
      beginning. In my 21 years in this business I've never met
      such broad and enthusiastic receptivity for the
      services and products offered by LRC.''

      Aside from
      hot revenue growth and posted earnings, Legal
      Research Center has a consumer oriented web site, sort of
      a legal/law portal site, located at where individuals can find loads of information
      about federal and state laws.

      When asked about
      any initiatives in the future which would promote an
      internet strategy or further market their current legal
      portal site (, Mr. Ljungkull
      replied: "Yes, we expect to pursue an internet strategy
      with as well as for Legal Research
      Center itself."

      Visit the company's web site at:

      We consider Legal Research Center a
      great short term investment.

      outstanding: 3.3 million/ public float 1.5 million

      IMO this little stock could hit $4 to $6 in the near


    • What big jump??

    • What caused the big jump up today????????

    • Wait until wall street hears about this one.
      According to the city, CSC is going to get dinged for an
      Enviornmental Impact Statement, and they have already bought
      some of the land that they don't even have a building
      permit for yet. This is for a 550 bed facility.

      It is in the town of Pacific, Washington. Who the
      hell wants to deal with the INS right now. They have
      nothing but trouble at these places. The INS will ship
      all the bad guys to this new place. SHEEESH didn't
      they learn anything at Elizabeth New Jersey. They are
      still rioting there. These guys cant get out. It is
      like they have aids. They are dead men with nothing to
      lose. This is crazy.

      A ton of money already
      dropped on this one. An EIS is $$$$$$$$$$

    • maybe but for the time being the 24 dollar
      question is "will the stock rise or drop tomorrow" well
      I've consulted the Tomorrowcast chart analysis system
      this evening to enlighten any who may be interested in
      what tomorrow may bring - the news is a down day. Bear
      in mind the chart does not factor in purchase of the
      stock on the open by the company. I suspect this
      happened today and may happen tomorrow. After all 7 11/16
      belies a trend on both the daily and weekly charts that
      this stock in moving lower.

      enjoyed the chat

    • Just read any of shoe's previous entries. Shoe was attacking a co-worker from Clarinda whom supported the merger.

    • After years of the biggest bull market in history, this stock is basically where it was five years ago.

    • all of your questions.

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