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  • saybuynow saybuynow Aug 25, 1999 11:28 AM Flag

    This is great news!!!!!!!

    How can this news be bad. I thought that when you removed unprofitable contracts that it would improve the profitablity. Earnings looked great fro next quarter - shouldn't this make earnings better?

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    • still in buy area IMHO. Stock will return to 8
      after earnings. Thing about slatery is he really gets
      all of the crap out at once. Then he plays a strong
      hand. Watch the stock move up quickly from here ->
      no reason for stock to be at this level as thinly
      traded as it is.
      Good positive earnings or positive
      Conference call will move stock quickly. Generally speaking
      when you see dips like this in a good company it
      provides us all with a good opportunity to make money over
      a six to nine month horizon. Little downside risk
      at high 5. best wishes. note you are probably right
      about WHC.

    • I am also negative on stocks (and to a lesser
      extent bonds). Have had my entire 401K in cash for some
      time. However, not afraid to keep stocks in my IRA as I
      expect superior trading to at least make up for general
      declines. No position in CSCQ - missed the last up move. My
      game is to play for bounces after drops, so I always
      miss rises that happen after sideways motion. I have
      been quite successful. Why would you short WHC? Their
      track record for sales and earnings growth is
      sparkling, while their TRAILING P/E is only 14. WHC does
      trade at a higher price to tangible book ratio than
      CSCQ or PZN or CRN. Otherwise it compares quite well
      with its peers (I like them all). WHC and CRN made 52
      week lows today and PZN is close. You have been riding
      the fastest horse lately - congratulations! My little
      girl only paid 13.75 for WHC - so she is not deep
      under water yet.

    • I am short most of the market except here. Looks
      to me like some very good news around corner.
      Slattery likes to get all the dirth laundry out at one
      time then make a run. Hope you are long until at least
      next week. As far as PZN goes I like it at 9. Any kind
      of correction in NYSE to 9700 or thereabouts will
      take its toll and perhaps make 9 look expensive. I had
      WHC on my short list -> any reasons you got the
      kids education bet on it? best regards.

    • Saw the chicago tribune article - as well as the
      60 minutes spot on Corrections Corp. of America a
      while back. Both were extremely negative - slanted
      against privatized corrections as much as they possibly
      could be. Remember that all media is filled with
      "liberals" and Democrats, including many union jobs. The
      union folks will defend their corrections brother's
      overpaid jobs till the bitter end. They figure it is good
      kharma - somebody will defend their own overpaid jobs at
      a later time. Look at the PZN board. Some of the
      negative posts are obviously from a union member/ally. Be
      on alert for false/misleading comments on PZN, WHC,
      CRN, CPV and here. Best wishes to all (potential)

    • you know what they say about phd's, don't you?
      Piled higher and deeper....anyone seen the recent
      Chicago Tribune articles about this company? I've heard
      that CSC is lampooned pretty seriously...certainly
      present an opposing view of the recent contracts that
      weren't "renewed" because of operating deficits...hmmm

    • You said "good show but keep an eye on this one
      during next 3 weeks." in message #425. It wound up
      taking a month. Being a short-term trader I have been in
      and out of 50 stocks since then. I have my little
      girl's education IRA (which is too small to trade) in
      WHC. When is that going to stagger to its feet? CSCQ,
      PZN, CRN and WHC all seem ridiculously undervalued.
      The tax loss sellers are saving pennies on the
      dollar. They will be sorry by New Year's, drowning
      themselves in booze and then being so sick that they don't
      care who wins the Rose Bowl. Some CSCQ tax loss
      sellers are already hemorrhaging. This delights me no end
      - despite not owning it today. There has been
      incredible opportunity so far this fall playing tax loss
      selling induced drops for bounces. More to come. Good
      luck to all longs here.

    • Who is selling? At these numbers, it must be
      either institutional or management. Debt is staggering,
      return on each negotiated contract is in neighborhood of
      5-7% over prime...Let's see, LA, PR, FL all
      loss-leaders. MS jail loser. What else? Board here is not
      independent. Board members ought to brush up their liability
      for oversight. With Slattery and Garretson as major
      holders/managers, real problems here.

    • Now you are finally starting to get the
      message.....These facilities may not be much more poorly run than
      other industries but the margin level isn't there for
      very many mistakes!
      That's why they are slamming
      the doors and the contracts...I can also assure you
      "first-hand" that they are poorly run....

    • good show but keep an eye on this one during next 3 weeks.

    • Because whoever sold at 4 regrets not having any
      on hand and wants to be prepared for the next trade.
      Dumped 20% more at 4.625 Will probably regret selling so
      soon, but a quick profit and cash on hand can be useful
      in these turbulent times. Best wishes longs.

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