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  • aw0099 aw0099 Jan 28, 2001 12:25 AM Flag

    Prisonet & Mikalshy

    For everyones information these two follow Mcprison around like Jesse Jackson did Bill Clinton. I think Prisonet Pitches and Mikalshy
    catches. If you know what I mean. You know Bill did let people that like the same sex in the military. Good to see your still alive Prisonet did you ever get your pardon.

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    • We must agree to disagree, Look at the Max. unit in Leavenworth operated by Cxw, Look at the two prisons operated in Louisiana by WHC and Cxw with the third like prison operated by the state. The state agencies lower most of the inmates from max. to medium when they open up a private firm. It has happened in every case I have been involved in. I have opened up four brand new ones. We have murderers, rapist, and anything else you can imagine. Everything except deathrow. The other medium state units clean out their cellblocks. It is not the prison , it is the management that you put in place. Private has good and bad. I will put some of WHC , Cxw prisons up next to anybodys, bar none. On the other hand they have some contrtacts that are right up their with some of the states blunders. Private prisons have and will continue to work. As far as the inmates eating up our staff. I can only speak for mine. I will put my security and programs staff up against anyones.

    • Let's clear the air on one major thing as I see it. You are more pro-privatization than not and give greater weight to its concept. I for one will never believe that private sector corrections has at the heart of its goals, the notion of public safety. I too, have worked in both sectors and while both have major operational problems, the only goal for public corrections is public safety. While they fail miserably at times so, do all public institutions. Is this escape an abberation or is it systemic in the system? The policy-makers, our politicians who make this policy, will be the trier of fact. So too,these same politicians allow themselves to be lobbied and influenced by corporate money from these companies to sideline good public policy in favor of 'these' political donations.

      PSC companies don't house the thugs the state does. I would only hope that if they did and they had a massive escape, not only would government raise hell but citizens as well. Any company would go bankrupt from the resulting lawsuits. They might indemnify the state (or local government)in their contract but in the courtroom, the decision will be that the state can never fully delegate its responsibility and authority.

      Companies can and do walk out on contracts, the state can't. They still have to house, clothe and feed the thieves. Accountability by the state to ensure compliance is the only way to hold the company's feet to the fire. Certainly, I don't have to educate you on cutting corners or falsely pumping numbers? You've seen it yourself. Yes, I would agree will all that believe that government waste. That's an undisputed fact. What cannot be disputed as well is that every single company in this industry has been cited for cutting corners in one way or the other whether its through purposely understaffing, overbilling and other false claims and promises. The track record speaks for itself and so does the stock price.

      Mr. Segal doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's easy to editorialize. Of course, off with their heads should a private company had this type of escape. After all, weren't they hired because they do it cheaper and better? Have you ever carefully examined contracts, intergovernmental agreements and the like between the parties? An unbalaced treatment of the industry? I don't think so.
      Accountability of private prisons goes largely unchecked given the politics of their existence and ability to open up the purse strings to influence when needed. Been there, seen it.

      If needed to test the true spirit of these wonderful companies then, let's give them all the maximum security, death rows, gang members, the crud of the crud and let them do their thing cheaper and better. It's worth at least a sampling. If we're concerned about convicts eating up the young officers in our state prisons, imagine the feast in the private sector.

      I would disagree with Mr. Segal that few employees went unpunished.

      You and I probably agree on many issues but I am firm in my belief that PSC has failed more than it has succeeded.

    • I will never apoligize for telling the truth. I want you to read the articles posted by pcbondsman on the CXW board. Tell me if you can dispute what he is saying. I doubt that you can. I will respect anyone that earns it, but after 15 years of hard work and dedication I do not bow down to everyone that claims to have 30 years of exp. I would still like to get into a one on one discussion of the facts with you. Just waiting for you to squeak up. Man or mouse? I am not biased one way or another public or private. I have worked in both sectors. There are good and bad on both sides. Both have the same common goal, public safety. Both serve a vital role. I just get ticked when someone like your self can not smell what your shoveling. Like I told a good friend of mine that would unionize the local kids that throw out the newspapers and would picket them to do just that if he were not scared someone would squash him. He might as well just say, we want your dues, to support our political interest. That would save alot of time and money debating the pro & cons of public & private. Because anybody that will not lie to themselves knows the truth. There is room for improvement in every prison that both you and I have been in. The only thing I will ad to the article that pcbondsman posted on the Cxw board is when the state puts a monitor in these prisons, I wish they would not put those old wardens in their after 30 + years, they work about 3 hours a day , chase the female staff approx. 2 hours a day, and are usually on the golf course by 3:00 pm. When a incident happens they scramble to find some old memo about 6 months old to see if they mentioned anything that could remotely support that had brought up the issue or issues that lead up to the incident. I have worked with a couple of good ones that write up daily reports and follow up on them daily. They were of great service to their Department, and gained alot of respect for their knowledge and dedication from the private agency as well. But that is usually the exception to the good old boy network.
      What you think.

    • First off, apologize for being a snot and not minding your elders.

    • Hey pops name your game. You run around claiming to be such a expert on the prison business. Show me something. My history will speak for itself. Are you a man or mouse, peep up. Old man!!

    • What happened, your significant other kick you out of bed that you're burning the midnight oil?

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      • No, I have such a wonderful wife and kids. The only two times that I am able to amuze myself with your ignorance is during my lunch hour
        and late at night. I am a lucky man, a wonderful wife, two wonderful kids, and a idiot like you to play with. What more could you ask for. What are you doing up at 10:30 when your not spreading your good will. Kind of interesting that you brought up your significant other. Could it be your sleeping single in a double bed. You continue to amuze me. Have a good one!