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  • aw0099 aw0099 Feb 17, 2001 1:46 PM Flag

    Prisonet, talk about benefits.

    Texas is the second lowest paid state in the industry. Where I am at we start a C/O at 24,743 compared to the 17,600 you pay, insurance is 80 - 20 with a deductable of 200 , 400, or 600 and a 100% after 1000 dollars. I hope you can understand that I know your mind is almost gone. We offer 6 funds on the New York Exchange with a match of 5% in your 401 K. I worked in Texas now you stop lying fool. Our rank structure all the way up to warden reflects the same gap as the first comparison. With half the shortages of staff as you suffer down there. I don not work for CSCQ but one of the big three. I found it interesting that this company suffered that incident with the dogs down there only to find out in was the local Sheriff deputy's that carried out this ugly assualt. The warden should have been fired for letting them in the jail. The sheriffs deputy's should have been locked up. But I Know you enjoy abuse like that seeing you come from the old warhorse days like you call it. I sure that incident brought back alot of excitement to a man like yourself. Could it be you were removed from corrections for excessive use of force. I find it odd that you were ran out of the public and private sector too. Very few people get out on their own after 24 years. See this business grows on you. I think I understand you now. You must of been a real butt kicker, that should make you feel like a big man. POPS

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    • read the crap that this old boy writes. I am married and have a wonderful family. But I must ask where do you come up with all of these outrageous accusations. You must be having flashbacks of your past. Please work on your profanity, it is not becoming at all. Pops you need alot of help, and I see that you are to far gone to pull back. I am sure everyone is growing tired of the both of us. But I to will come out of the wood work to follow your trail of hatred and abuse to set the record straight where I may. Get some help man you need it.
      P.S. What up with your obessesion with porn, this is not the first time you have mentioned that. Is that another habit you took up to take your mind of off beating up inmates

    • You're defintely a case, co-opting your authority with the inmates. You are a piece of work. Where I draw the line in the sand with inmates, you become a 'hug-a-thug'.

      It's senseless to argue with a fool like you. You never offer any facts. Your company's benefits suck and you know it. Everyone knows it. If you're a mouthpiece for the company, no wonder it's in such horrible shape. You need to take care of business, like public safety. After all, that's what we taxpayers are demanding. While I may not be a stakeholder in the company, it's still my tax dollars we pay you in the Lone Star State. I'm not getting my money's worth, so I'm going to raise hell.

      Ignorance such as yours is all too common. You've done nothing to improve your self-image or worth as a productive member of the corrections community. You are no match for me, kid. You're just a young punk who's been fed a line of bulls**t a mile long. Besides being just plain stupid, you write horribly. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so sloppy. I'm sure it's a reflection of the rest of your work, no better than 25%. You're just plain lazy.

      One thing about us dinosaurs, we're the one's who will be there to pull your ass out of the fire. When that convict has you bent over, we're the one's that'll be there to save your lilly white a**.

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      • Some more facts for your ancient butt. 6.3 million people were on probation, in jail, or in prison. That is 3.1% of all U.S. Citizens. The incarceration rate has tripled since 1980.
        We the taxpayers spent 130 billion in 1998, 147 billion in 1999, and a alarming 163 billion in 2000. Even a old fart like you can understand that the taxpayers are all spent out. No I am not a hug a thug, but I am not a abusive criminal like yourself who was run out of the industry. I know it hurts that you have been exposed, but you are the type that puts a cloud on good correctional proffesionals. War daddy HA! HA! More like worn out. I would love to meet you, I would show you ya daddy!